How have beans ?

How have beans ?

Today legumes - peas, lentils, soybeans, beans - is a very common food due to its cheapness and availability.In the specific case of beans, more than 1/3 of their weight - it's vegetable protein legumin that effectively assimilated by the human body.Beans contain carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins.Experts say that the taste and nutritional value, they are no worse than chicken meat.And if you're wondering about how to eat beans to get the maximum benefit from them, you should know that you can use them in different ways.Beans can be cooked, stew, fry, add to soups and salads, but eat them raw is not recommended.

nowadays widely began to receive finished products from soybeans.Make soy flour, dairy products and various sauces, moreover, it is a part of fillers for sausages, ravioli.Also, soybeans used in the confectionery industry.Despite the distrust and even contempt for soy products in many people, doctors believe this product is an effective means for the prevention of intestinal ulcer disease, goiter, diabetes and allergic diseases.As there


  1. In using the daily 1.5 cups of cooked beans a couple of weeks, you can reduce cholesterol by 20%.
  2. grinds the beans and cook, adding yeast in them, and using this as the basis for a lot of different soups.This is a popular recipe from Japanese cuisine to preserve shapes.
  3. mashing beans - say the people that it reduces and eases cough.
  4. drink bean broth - supporters of traditional medicine treat them gastric diseases such as gastritis.

Beans can become an indispensable product in the post.Of them can cook, and a salad, and a side dish full.Delicious and hearty dish is stewed beans.In order for them to get soft, they need to soak all night and cook the next day in the fresh water for about two hours.For stewed beans sauce served with fresh tomatoes, garlic and onions.Try adding beans to vegetable salads - so you will be filled at the same time and improve your digestion.

Cocoa beans on everyone's lips, but, nevertheless, not everyone knows how they are beneficial to the body.Cocoa beans are rich in antioxidants.They promote the release of endorphins in the blood - substances that enhance the mood and vitality.Bitter chocolate with high content of cocoa beans and the minimum sugar has beneficial effects on the heart and even, according to scientists, can be a substitute for Viagra.

How have cocoa beans

  1. in the form of a drink made from 100 per cent of the powder from the cocoa beans.
  2. buy ready cocoa powder from unroasted beans, add the butter and get natural home-made chocolate.
  3. chew shell raw cacao beans - they contain antibacterial agents that fight plaque.

medicinal use of beans for the human body is not in doubt.The bean contains a unique substance - genistein, which, according to scientists, can prolong youth, improve skin elasticity.Recent scientific studies show that soybeans successfully prevent bowel cancer.Therefore, even those who are not happy with the taste of beans, still should have at least occasionally include them in your diet.