What to eat in America?

What to eat in America?

American Kitchen is different from other cuisines of its bizarre mix of a variety of national dishes.Tradition American tribes are closely intertwined with the cooking traditions in Spain, France, England, Italy and Portugal.Some time ago in the United States even refused to recognize its national cuisine.Still, there are a number of features that are inherent in the kitchens of the Americas.

For example, North American cuisine has been influenced by French, British and Indian culinary traditions.The local country visitors can treat exotic dishes such as buffalo hump, seal liver, beaver tail, the back paw of a bear.These recipes have been borrowed from the local indigenous population.Especially jealously kept secrets of cooking dishes monasteries.These dishes include apple cakes, puff pastry, biscuit anise and others.

principles of cooking in America

for cooking America's guiding principles are simplicity in cooking and hygiene.It pays great attention to proper nutrition.Although in recent years, many Americans prefer to eat fast fudami due to lack of time to prepare healthy meals.

Yet most Americans are of the opinion that the food should be consumed only foods and meals that are good for health.It should be every day to drink a glass of fruit juice, as it contains vitamin C, as well as cheese and milk to eat, because they are rich in calcium.Besides Americans love to cook breakfast cereals that contain protein and iron.Also, do not forget the people of America and of the fresh vegetables that contain a mineral salt.

Food in America is quite diverse, residents can include in your diet daily consumption of lobsters, oysters, large pink shrimp and lobster.

Casual food Americans

What to eat in America for breakfast, lunch and dinner?As a rule, virtually every American breakfast includes toast, eggs, bacon, cereal, a large donut, fresh fruit juice or freshly brewed coffee.Lunch is also simple, and consists of a multi-layer sandwich, either steak with fries.And all these "sandwiches" is mandatory to wash down with a lot of Coca-Cola.

most delicious recipes cooking American residents cherish for a hearty dinner.Yet, even here American cooking moving away from European standards.So, dinner can easily be fed a variety of easy to prepare and fruit soups or hard-cooked meals.Over dinner, tired of cooked "in a hurry" breakfasts and dinners, the Americans satisfied with the present celebrations and feasting.For dinner, the people of America "come off the whole hog."

significant place in the diet of an ordinary American family occupied a variety of recipes based on seafood.As for the sausage, the most widely used here got bacon and sausages.Because Americans prefer to eat meat chicken and turkey.

more vegetables and sweets

American residents use daily food a huge amount of fresh vegetables.Very popular European dishes such as Greek salad or Caesar salad.But do not yield to them and traditional recipes for salads.Typically, they include: potatoes, beans, onions, tomatoes and celery.

Separately should allocate a vegetable, like corn.It takes a leading role in the preparation of food in America.It keeps the entire national cooking.Thus, young corn cob used and syrup and butter.Mature corn used in the preparation of all kinds of souffle, cereals and flakes.In addition, corn bake cakes and bread are served to the table with a specially prepared sauce.

Americans do not just love and adore all kinds of sweets.Most US residents prefer different jellies, sweets and cakes.

Quick and easy

Despite the fact that American cuisine has borrowed a lot of recipes and ways of cooking of French and Spanish cuisines, yet it is much easier.However, despite this, the American kitchen can please any gourmet abundance of tasty dishes, and is also suitable for anyone, even inexperienced hostess.All dishes are American so easy to prepare that even a child can cope with them.Despite the challenging compositions, they are prepared very quickly and with a minimum of effort.

If you've never tried American cuisine, but they want to treat yourself and your family, then go to McDonald's or cook something delicious at home.It does not take much of your time.An excellent option for dinner will be delicious hot hot dogs (sausage, baked in a savory bun), hamburgers, cheeseburgers and, of course, french fries.Remember that excessive consumption of fatty and fried foods can negatively affect your health, so that the abuse of American food is not worth it.