What to eat in India ?

What to eat in India ?

spirit of any nation is manifested in his kitchen.Indian cuisine is famous for its huge variety of unusual dishes that reflect the complex layering of cultures, history, religious beliefs.It is a subtle mixture of various herbs and spices, flavors and fragrances.Exotic cuisine of India is better to try it in this country, and not in different Indian restaurants, asnone of them are not fully give all the variety of taste sensations.

If you decide to make a trip to this attractive country, you need to inquire in advance about what to eat in India, to avoid trouble with the stomach.

main meals and snacks

Indians give the food a special, almost sacred significance.The meat they eat rarely.This is due to climatic conditions (because of the heat the meat spoils quickly) and religious law: the use of beef, for example, absolutely prohibited.But the lamb and pork in India can be found.Popular dishes Tandoori - marinated chicken, generously seasoned with spices.

All dishes are very sharp, contain a lot of spices (turmeric, coriander, ginger, cumin, saffron, nutmeg, famous curry leaves).Indians prefer vegetarian food - beans and vegetable dishes (sweet pepper, cauliflower), is present in many recipes rice.In addition, they like to be added to their food peas, dates, as well as a variety of snack cakes - puri (fried cakes), pakoras (fried vegetables), Somoza (triangular pastry with various fillings).

Soups are not very common.One of the most popular soups is a given - a thick lentil soup.

On the west coast of India eat a lot of fish and seafood.


In India, a huge variety of different desserts.Tourists surely will please gulab Jamuna (fried milk balls in sugar syrup), Barfi with coconut ice cream with spices - kulfi dessert cheese with saffron - sandesh.


Indians prefer to drink plain water or juices from various fruits, vegetables and sugarcane.Alcohol Indians almost no use.

tourists visiting this country, do not just try as many exotic dishes can be - it can cause an upset stomach.The resort towns of India have a lot of European restaurants, which are not used to the spicy food tourists will be able to eat normal food for him.Travellers can also be useful article What to buy in India.

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