What to eat in France?

What to eat in France?

No national cuisine, can not beat the French in the originality and sophistication.What to eat in France is different from the food of other countries.Cooking is an art for the French.Each dish is prepared by his own recipe, adding even his famous recipes flavor.

Kitchen France

prvinesli French cuisine in a casual real luxury.From desserts to stand tall towers.Meat, oysters, fish are placed on "pedestals".In comparison with other European countries, French cooks use less dairy products.Exceptions are French cheeses.More than three thousand sauces used in French cuisine.All French dishes prepared exclusively from fresh ingredients, product quality is maintained after the heat treatment.French Cuisine is multifaceted, in different areas of the country may be disagreement about the recipes of some dishes.However, irrespective of the areas of French cuisine is replete with vegetables and root crops.

Kitchen Provence

indispensable in Provencal cuisine are vegetables, garlic, seasoning: tarragon, marjoram, oregano, basil, dill, parsley, rosemary.Vegetables are used in hot and cold dishes.Vegetable dishes are very hearty, so sometimes replace the main.

cod, ling, turbot, carp, sardines adorn most Provencal dishes.Especially popular in France ear bouillabaisse with small varieties of fish, seafood, vegetables, wine, spices.Demand for mussels, oysters.

Meat in Provence are reserved.There are several dishes: beef stew, ragout of lamb, suckling pig, Parma ham, which cost the French tables.

dessert in Provence is especially in demand.On the table there is always chocolate, nuts, nougat, dried fruit, cookies.One of my favorite pies is Clafoutis with apple and cherry apricot stuffing.In any confectionery always have cakes, muffins, cakes, jellies, candies, creme brulee.

Kitchen Burgundy

In the kitchen of Burgundy wine is used in many dishes.Wine added in sauces, gravy.The wine marinated meat, snails.Snails are served without the shells, add the parsley and onion.About

kitchen Normandy

valued in Normandy dairy products: cream, butter, cheese camembert.In Normandy, meat and fish are always cooked with cream.And dishes such as beef side in Normandy with cream and mushrooms and duck Rouen so cook Only in Normandy.About

kitchen Lorraine Lorraine

famous flan with slices of smoked bacon or ham with melted cheese.National dish is braised cabbage in Alsace with pork and smoked breast.About


Lyon Lyon cuisine is famous for its unusually tasty onion soup gratin in Lyons.Traditional Christmas dish - roasted capon with chestnuts.Capons (young males) are grown in cells from this meat have become juicy, with incomparable taste.

Food France

Every dish is cooked in France, may be remembered for a lifetime.The most famous dish cooked by French chefs - frog legs.France is also famous for its cheeses, they produce more than 500 different varieties: hard, soft, young, aged, with a crust, with mold.Also known are "snail Burgundy" eggs "Kokot" with ekstragonom, about national dishes such as ratatouille, julienne, baguette, croissants known not only in France.Often they are also on Russian tables.

French national drink is wine, the most famous - is Bordeaux and Burgundy.Wine is served almost every meal, and sometimes included in the price and set menus.French champagne, cognac, calvados least known in the world.