What to eat Russian ?

What to eat Russian ?

Many foreigners, one serves traditional Russian cuisine, bound to it with all my heart.And all because the food in our country is always prepared from the most simple products, but the dishes taste different unprecedented diversity.What to eat and drink Russian people always have many hundreds of years?

Russian take food, usually three times a day, not counting the small snacks in between.This tradition has developed long - so even eating in Russia

Russian What eat for breakfast?

lot of time, this meal does not take.Often on the table the Russian people can see the following products: scrambled eggs, sandwiches or cereal.Purely Russian version of the breakfast - svezhepodzharennye cheesecakes.Cooked cottage cheese, soft, with an appetizing crust, cheese cakes are a favorite dish of many Russians.In addition, they are very hearty and cooked very quickly.

Another traditional breakfast - porridge.There are already a whole expanse of tastes - millet, barley, oat, semolina, rice.Oat meal, or, simply, oatmeal - popular among the girls breakfast, watching the health and weight: it is not just useful, but also low-calorie.Oatmeal is often seasoned with chopped sweet fruit, raisins, fresh berries - from this it becomes even more useful and richer.Semolina is also frequently supplemented, but not fruit, and sweet jam.

for breakfast Russian people often bake pancakes.Rather, it is a Sunday version.Pancakes are traditionally made thin, lubricated with oil and served with honey or homemade jam, condensed milk.They are often stuffed with different nutritious fillings - cottage cheese, meat, onions and eggs.

also for breakfast in addition to eating often drink hot tea or coffee.What Russian

eat for lunch?

for lunch prepared by tradition the first and second.For the first dishes include liquid - different soups, hot and cold.The traditional first course - one of the oldest in the Russian cuisine - of course, soup.They are meatless, only with vegetables and onions, or with meat.Soup prepared even in Russia, and loved them all - from peasants to noblemen.Cooked soup in oven, and then they got a special characteristic flavor.

Borsch is better known than the soup - it is popular all over the world.Hot fragrant hearty soup instantly lift your spirits and relieve fatigue - it's about this Russian man knows.

okroshka - cold dish, and very kind.Foreigners may be unfamiliar to try this soup.The fact that the basis of hash - kvass.Also in it are eggs, onions, greens, cucumbers, boiled meat, radishes - all finely crumble.It turns out "hash".

On the second Russian people like to eat and garnish meat or fish.Often, the main course is served pretzels - sauerkraut, marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumbers.By the end of dinner is served stewed or tea - perhaps with a sweet.

Russian What eat for dinner?

Dinner is varied.Often it is preparing something meat with a side dish or fish dish, salad - for example, vinaigrette.After possible dessert.

Time dictates its own rules, and now the Russian is not so strictly adhere to traditions.They are actively interested in other cuisines - Japanese, French, Thai, etc.At dinner, for example, can be ordered easily, Japanese sushi or go to an Italian restaurant there.

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