What is the train ?

What is the train ?

preparation for the upcoming trip on the train, we think about what we do, what's going to sleep, something to read before going to bed.But most of all fuss about food: who traveled by train at least once, knows how it wants to eat and how often here and there rustling bags with food.To be well-fed and remain healthy while traveling by train, it is important to plan in advance a list of products.Otherwise, our food stocks can rapidly deteriorate if you are, of course, not happy owner of a compact portable refrigerator.If you can buy a portable device, you can not worry to secure a fresh and tasty meal on the train, taking your favorite prodkty that do not require cooking!We zhepomozhem collect "food basket" for all others!Just calm down, there is a train can be much, you will not be hungry!

Power on the first day

What can you eat on the train on the first day?On the first day of your meal may differ diversity!You can afford even perishable food: snack sandwiches with sausage, eat yogurt, and even cottage cheese!Dairy products are best left to the first snack!Many people say that eating fried chicken on the train.If you can not abstain from meat, it is advisable to bake the chicken in the oven with spices and eat his first meal on the train.The train ever want to drink, chase teas.So stock up on non-carbonated mineral water, but the soda water, lemonade - avoid!Why do you need an extra thirst and stomach problems?Take the tea bags, coffee powder ... Select pechene- better than the one that does not crumble.Chocolates leave for better times, but the other can wrap candies.Do you like cheese?Bring, do not be afraid, only desirable solid grade.For an afternoon snack are ideal fruits and dried fruits, nuts!

diet the next day

With the advent of quick cooking oatmeal in the morning life considerably facilitated, as well as the lives of those who travel on the train.A glass of boiling water, a few minutes - and the porridge is ready for every taste!The same can be said about the noodles in bags and other similar quick lunch.Talking about their utility is not necessary, but if you do not add the tea bags with spices and butter, do not inflict harm to the body!Pay attention to the canned food: they are unpretentious to the conditions of storage, and their range is very rich.

Do you think the above list, you will only need to make a tasty and satisfying meal on the train!And do not forget to take plenty of paper and wet wipes: hygiene on the train above all!

Food in the restaurant car

You may not even want to plan that there is a train, and thinking about the food in the restaurant car.Of course, you can go there and have breakfast omelettes and sandwiches for lunch and chicken broth, and for dinner choose a salad.But all this would have to pay a lot!And the quality of the offered food is not always on top!

and not worth the risk - to buy food, "with hands" at the stations, as though she did not look appetino!This is verified unfortunate experience of many passengers!

wish you only pleasant trips!