What is for dinner?

What is for dinner?

It's no secret how important it is to eat right, even in the cartoon "Dunno on the Moon", Doughnut says: "Diet may not be violated."This article will talk about what is for dinner.Some people, in general, do not share meals, eat what they want and when they want, however, is not entirely correct, and to maintain good health you need to follow some rules.

rules: what to eat

  • lunch, dinner, approximately, at one and the same time.
  • lunch, sure, you need to eat a warm meal at least one dish, but it should be warm.This contributes to a more harmonious work of digestion.
  • During the lunch meal can be eaten several meals can be one, it all depends on how much you have eaten for the day.
  • fruits, and foods containing fiber, it is better to consume 20-30 minutes before lunch, it will make your stomach to work, and prepare it for the basic food intake.
  • soup is not mandatory, but desirable, because it causes saturation.However, most soups are digested quickly, so keep this in mind when planning your diet.
  • During lunch you can drink if you want to, however, experts recommend drinking water during meals, and tea, coffee, juice, juices and other beverages to drink after dinner (20-30 min.)
  • Desserts and sweetsbetter not to drink during lunch and eat at tea after dinner.
  • Alcohol drink at dinner you can, but it is necessary to do a good glass of wine, in this case, the main thing - do not overdo it.And do not believe that alcohol stimulates the appetite, it is not.
  • When eating should not be rushed.Chew your food thoroughly and take your time, and so, moreover, do not dine on the go.
  • From the table it is necessary to leave satisfied, but not pereevshim, this rule for any meal.The norm for yourself you can determine empirically, because saturation comes only after 10-15 minutes after ingestion.If you do not stop in time, as soon as the food begins to be digested, you will be hard, and you will realize that overeat and have lost all ability to work.

What to eat for lunch

main thing is to balance all meals per day so that the body gets a variety of foods, and with them, all the necessary substance for normal functioning.As for what is best to eat for lunch, then read the following list of products:

  • vegetables, more useful fresh (salad or slicing), but also work and stewed, marinated, pickled vegetables.However, pickled and preserved vegetables should not be used in large quantities.
  • fruits and dried fruits.
  • meat, have to enter into the daily diet, but do not give preference to fatty meat.Thus it is better to choose steamed or boiled meat from the roasted meat is better to refuse.
  • Fish and seafood, much easier to digest than meat, and on the benefits they are ahead of him.Seafood is rich in various micronutrients such as iodine, copper, zinc, potassium, which is useful as a growing organism, and has already formed.If we talk about the process of preparation of fish, the boiled fish, fried much more useful.
  • Cereals.Grains useful for the organism, rather widespread side dish - a buckwheat and rice.Of the varieties of rice, white rice is better to replace it on the other species, since it is rapidly absorbed by the body, and after an hour and a half you'll be hungry again.
  • pasta exclusively from durum wheat or rice noodles.
  • Potatoes.Besides that goes well with both fish and meat, also rich in vitamins and trace elements beneficial to the body.
  • Bread (with cereals and bran).Generally, bread is enough high-calorie product, so if you watch your weight, it is best to remove it during lunch and dinner, as carbohydrates and so you get a side dish.

From the article you have learned that it is better to have lunch.Eat well and save yourself a lot of problems not only with the digestive tract, and health in general.