How to be beautiful every day ?

How to be beautiful every day ?

to be beautiful, you have to be happy.To be happy, you have to give happiness, radiate love, kindness and smiles;Well, consider yourself lucky.It is necessary to love yourself, to accept such what is.These words from the discharge light tips.Of course, in their full truth and unshakable truth.But to better understand how to be beautiful every day, it is necessary to delve more into this topic.

What is beauty

not as simple structure of beauty, as it seems at first glance.Yeah, maybe someone waiting on article tips, how to be painted, a manicure, haircut, tan, etc. purchaseBut we go a little further, because our goal is to learn how to be beautiful every day and all day.

Beauty is divided into internal and external.They are inseparable, as the body without the spirit.Moreover, and here it is not so simple.And external and internal beauty can be physiological and psychological.Like this?You will understand the basis of the plan of our conversation.

How to be beautiful: inner beauty

So that means physiological and psychological elements of inner beauty.

In our conversation will periodically beauty intertwined with the concept of health, more than that, we will use these terms interchangeably.How to be beautiful every day, that is, how to be healthy.You understand that the state of health are reflected in our face in the first place.And the decline in the efficiency of the body with age is not the most important thing.

Physiological inner beauty

  • Proper nutrition.Every day (! Each) follow the basic rules of supply:
    1. there often, but little by little;
    2. eat fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products (especially low-fat) each day;
    3. prefer steaming or cooking and baking;
    4. skim meat (the best - a rabbit, well - chicken, turkey) - at least twice a week;
    5. fish (preferably marine, with beneficial vitamins for the youth) - not less than two times a week;
    6. sit down to eat only in a good mood;no TV and books;enjoy a meal, rather than swallow it like a boa constrictor (you are a beautiful woman);
    7. aspire to "French standard" - every little bit of chew thoroughly.
  • Sport.Morning exercise, activity, movement - the key to healthy organs, which means beauty.

Psychological inner beauty

  • Dream.Inner Beauty healthy sleep concerns your mood.Sleep at least 8 hours for 24 hours, if you want to be beautiful every day.Rested body radiates love and kindness, you are in good spirits, smiling, you are ready to comply with other rules of beauty.
  • Be amiable to others, respond to help Hear the interlocutor, show understanding and support, sympathy.
  • Be patient.If you enrage - this is normal.If you show it - it's not pretty.And we want to be beautiful every day, every minute it.
  • Be honest, do not be afraid to tell the truth.It is valued around, so manifest your inner beauty.
  • Keep your opinion, be able to defend it, but do not cross the border, remember - most importantly - the identity of another, to pass it is not necessary, it is not beautiful.
  • to take the initiative, but do not be intrusive.Moderation in all things - that's another rule of beauty.

How to be beautiful: external beauty

ever closer to what is most likely you are interested in the most.How to be beautiful every day, that is, how to look beautiful in appearance.

Psychological external beauty

It is closely intertwined with the inner beauty.

  • Smile.Whenever it is appropriate.Smile every day in the morning in the mirror before going to work (school, somewhere else);Smile every time he passed a mirror.Smile - it's beautiful.In general, try to follow the facial expressions.Try to observe him: put on your desktop, for example, a mirror (large), front of the monitor.And periodically watch facial expressions.Do you frown?You do not squeeze the teeth?Or maybe some other unconscious symptoms you notice.That's ugly - it removes (by drills and beautiful replacement).
  • Keep your back straight.Always.In public, at home, in a cafĂ©, watching TV, or when you go to sit when traveling in a bus or standing in line - watch posture.Straight back - a pledge of grace and sexy gait.
  • By the way, yes, gait.Also watch out for her.Remember (or watch) a movie "Office Romance", there is well documented theme gait.In this you can help outsiders (those who can honestly say): friends, colleagues, parents, etc.
  • Good tone, punctuality, all the words that come out of your mouth.Abusive words - it's not nice, polite and gentle form - beautifully.Carelessness - ugly, punctuality and responsibility - it is beautiful.
  • gestures.Let it be smooth, beautiful motion and not waving his hands and other parts of the body (like a sword).For girls rude, abrupt, excessive gestures - it's not very nice.

physical outward beauty

  • Sport.Obviously, to maintain the figures for the graceful movements to tighten the buttocks, slim legs, flat belly, delicately raised breasts - daily sport.Morning exercises, evening jogging.Select the appropriate set of You (enjoyable and does not cause flour) and proceed.
  • Health.Clean and well-groomed - beautiful.
  • Clean hair combed.Even if lazy, even if you think this is getting - always ensure clean hair.If you dye your hair - make sure the color condition.Always.Even if you think that laziness.
  • Clean, neat nails (!).Men look on his hands.No peeling varnish!Even transparent (this is for your inner self).
  • Well, what you need to shave, I think it is not worth saying.
  • Aromas.Let this be an easy trail, but not "exploded perfume factory".We decide how to be beautiful every day, but not suffocating.
  • moderate makeup.During the day - natural colors, lightness.In fact, it is a make-up approved by men.Bright make-up - a party and on holidays.Remember the rule: a bright highlight or eyes or lips, but not both - it is vulgar, it is not beautiful, and sometimes funny.
  • Clothing.Clean, neat.Always.Even if you're going to throw out the garbage.You want to be beautiful every day?So we must always be beautiful.Houses also have to make beautiful clothes: elegant robe, cute pajamas (if cold), beautiful slippers, etc.No stains on clothes.Even if you think that "not visible".Never.
  • Shoes.Always polished.Even running shoes.
  • Underwear.Loop through and get rid of panties, panties with "a hole, which then sew" and bras with straps stretched in the spirit "is still to be seen."It is seen.You.When you know that you have an elegant underwear, you are in a different feel that is immediately reflected on your face.And see it all.It will be beautiful.

Forget that there is laziness in the world, so how to be beautiful every day with laziness will not work.