How to be beautiful ?

How to be beautiful ?

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How to be beautiful?

Every girl wants to be beautiful and desirable, regardless of age and weight.It is considered that there are no ugly women.From this we can conclude that everything endowed with the fair sex appeal, it need only look at and highlight.Of course, not do without working on oneself, which includes both the appearance and inner world.How to be beautiful - the theme of this article.

External beauty


procedures to be beautiful, must be carefully and regularly for a look.Make a mask, and other procedures when assured that nothing will distract you.Thus, the process of care will give you more fun, and good body.

Personal Care and Cosmetics

Make it a rule to use only their own objects of care (comb, sponge, cosmetic sponge, and so on. D.), And also use some other people's hygiene products and cosmetics, for example, deodorant, lipstick, mascaraand so on. n.

addition, should clearly understand that hygiene should be changed at least once every six months, and not to use expired cosmetics.

Cosmetics and correct storage

To be beautiful, it is necessary to abandon the poor-quality cosmetics.If your financial situation does not allow you to buy expensive means luxury brands, the output - the use of natural cosmetics.Make a mask and air conditioning of the herbs, clay and foodstuffs.

addition, do not forget to properly store cosmetics.Absolutely all cosmetic products can be stored on the dressing table with the exception of nail polish: avoid thickening can be put in the refrigerator.

Remember that a home cosmetics stores day, then it may evolve toxic to the skin and the body material.

time care

According to scientists, a favorable time for cosmetic procedures is the period from 7 to 9 pm.It was at this time the procedure will be more effective for skin and hair.


saturate the body with vitamins every day eat vegetables, fruits and dairy products.In autumn and spring buy multivitamin complex, after consulting with a doctor.

Healthy sleep

To avoid premature aging, as well as get rid of bags under the eyes, you need to get enough sleep: sleep is not spend at least 8 hours.Moreover, it is advisable to go to bed no later than midnight.

Proper nutrition

fresh complexion, shiny hair, strong nails and slim figure are provided, if you observe a complete and balanced nutrition:

  • Remove from the diet soda, sweet and flour;
  • Drink allotted amount of pure water per day (not less than 1.5 l.);
  • Do not eat before going to sleep and do not drink plenty of fluids;
  • For breakfast cook yourself porridge for lunch vegetable or chicken soup, and dinner lean on fresh vegetables;
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Active way of life

order to be beautiful, it is necessary to pay attention to the sport

  • Highlight 10 minutes a day for morning exercises;
  • Select sport direction like and deal with them at least three times a week (fitness, pool, dancing, etc...);
  • Arrange 30-minute walks.


To be beautiful and to feel suitable, should be well dressed and elegant:

  • Review your wardrobe and throw out the things that do not carry more than one year;
  • Treat yourself to a couple of new things, and buy yourself a new thing with every paycheck;
  • Talk to friends or loved ones, what style of clothes you most fit, flip through fashion magazines;
  • If there is no financial difficulties, the perfect solution would be a visit to the stylist: he not only select the desired image, but also help in choosing clothes.

Inner beauty

be beautiful - it means not only to have an attractive appearance, but also a rich inner world.

Love of self

very important to take itself with its own advantages and disadvantages.Love yourself any and develop their strengths.


Each girl is bound to be confident in yourself and your abilities.Without confidence is not possible to become beautiful.

every day looking for a new positive qualities fight the shortcomings and do not forget to smile.

Do not be indifferent to the misfortunes of others

Develop the qualities such as compassion and empathy.Sincerely try to help people and not be indifferent to other people's problems.

Select circle

communication Communicating with other people, you first need to get joy.Get rid of communicating with people who are negatively disposed towards you.

Participate in activities

enrich their inner world and broaden my horizons will participate in various competitions and activities.Theme chosen for the soul.

addition, regularly visit museums, exhibitions, Philharmonic, read books and listen to the tranquil calming music.

How to start work on them and become beautiful

  • First of all, look at yourself in the mirror and ozvuchte what you like and what you would like to correct;
  • Rate your inner world and think about what you are proud of, and what qualities you would like to instill;
  • Record your observations in a notebook;
  • Review your wardrobe, as well as the attributes of the bathroom shelves and cosmetic;
  • Make a plan for your change, based on your weaknesses.For example, if you do not like the extra weight - sign up in the gym or make a home program of exercises;If you are concerned about the long nose - read on the Internet, how to use cosmetics to disguise the lack of;
  • Everyday Develop the necessary qualities.For example, if you can not be honest with others, you set a goal - for a week to tell everyone the truth, etc .;.
  • For each item on your list Reward yourself pleasant things (going to the movies, shop, etc...);
  • Record your image and change the internal state.

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