How to be beautiful?

How to be beautiful?

Typically, men are not valued beauty and other qualities: strength of will, determination, courage, and responsibility.However, men also often think about how to be beautiful.Whatever may be said, and the appearance is important.For men, perhaps to a lesser degree than females.However, today there is such a trend: men tend to be more well-groomed, follow the fashion and visit beauty salons.Already irrelevant notion that if a man "a little nicer feature is already a handsome man."

However, consensus on male beauty does not exist.For women, the standard of beauty emerged more clearly:.. Notorious 90h60h90, long hair and legs, well-groomed skin, etc. With men increasingly difficult.Let us think what the ideal of male beauty exists in our time.

Men's beauty today

Today, there are two basic types of male beauty:

  • brutal man - never losing popularity type.Pumped hands, broad shoulders, athletic body, strong legs - all with him.From it come the fluids of male strength, confidence, determination.Such a man can always substitute a strong arm to his companion.He will protect from bullies, and the heavy bags to carry effortlessly.Men of this type are typically selected strict style of racing and a short haircut.This can be a sports athlete or macho.The cult of the body and strength.
  • refined handsome - this type is gaining popularity today.Some women are tired of the brutality and rigidity of men.Sometimes brutal men are perceived as insensitive, unable to express their emotions.I would like to communicate more emotional, tender and sensual men.Such men are well maintained, they have slender physique, often long beautiful hair, deep eyes, exquisite lips.How not to fall in love with this character.Remember the images of Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, Robert Pattinson.

How to be a nice guy

To begin, select an image that you like that fits you and where you will feel most natural.Both of these options are popular with women, so listen to yourself and your inner voice.If you select an image of brutal men, then be engaged in a physical form.Go to the gym, eat properly, run and so on.Make the right short hairstyle, pick up clothes.

If you prefer the second way, you have not really developed muscles, but a little hurt not disappoint.Check the condition of your skin, you can grow hair.All men, without exception, need to be well groomed if they dream of being beautiful.Do not allow dirty hair, dirty socks, unpleasant body odor, oily skin, bitten nails.All this stuff, but because of such trifles and create your ideal image.How to be a handsome man?The most important thing - be yourself, do not try to imitate someone, and then you definitely will become irresistible!

Men's beauty at different times

standards of male beauty is constantly changing.Many great men of ancient times was inherent in the care of their appearance.

  • Ancient Rome: The Romans valued soulful, serious expression on his face and an aquiline nose.
  • In ancient Greece, the most valued aspect ratio.Proportioned body, well-developed muscles, fast and honed movement, clear look - here's the perfect Greek.This image is widespread in ancient sculpture and painting.
  • In medieval Europe it was considered the ideal of chivalry.Noble Knight had a slightly feminine appearance, long hair, a slender figure.Knight was inherent chivalry and elegance.However, this appearance is not canceled his courage and determination.
  • In the Renaissance, is still valued elegance, but men are more masculine.
  • In the era of Baroque and Rococo were in fashion dandies in pomaded wigs, with flies and other decorations.
  • Romanticism Epoch attached great importance to man's inner world.The fashion was pale and sometimes painful youth, soulful, subtle sense of suffering.
  • In the nineteenth century male beauty legislators were financiers, politicians, writers.Butch, smart appearance, poor expression of emotions - these were the men of the nineteenth century.
  • Since the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day fashion dictates of Hollywood stars and other public figures.