How fast swim?

How fast swim?

hard to find someone who would not love to swim.Swimming - this is a very pleasant experience, and effective ways of forming a beautiful shape.However, calm style of swimming for people with a strong character quickly bored.In this article we will talk about how to learn to swim faster.

If you swim "in the frog" or "dog", then of course you need to learn faster techniques.The fastest swimming style - free, it is also called "crawl".Many people try to copy it, but it turns out not all.Often, it looks ridiculous, but the man, not seeing himself from the outside, may well consider himself an excellent swimmer.Read more about the technique of "rabbit" read the article How to swim.

No matter what style of sailing you will select for yourself, it is important to sharpen every movement and bring it to automatism.This can only be achieved through hard work and regular workouts.

Independent training

worth noting that the services of a coach of swimming today are very expensive.Perhaps matched only private lessons for tennis can be with them, but because not everyone can afford such lessons.In this case, you have to deal with on their own.There is a wonderful portal exercises, which assembled the mass of literature and swimming video, including swimming underwater.

However, apart from the development of the art of swimming and breathing, need to work further on the targeted muscles.It's back, deltoids, legs, triceps.All of these muscles should be very strong swimmers, otherwise achieve outstanding results does not work, even if you learn the art.

coach to help

In this situation, there are two important points - the right choice of coach and regular exercise.

How to choose a coach?Of course, it is very difficult to guess.The coach, who has plenty of merit and medals, can absolutely not be able to teach, and some unknown swimmer who does not have a lot of jewels, can make you a real master.It is best to choose a trainer on "word of mouth": ask around friends - perhaps someone already involved with some coach and is very pleased with him.

regular exercise - is also very important.If you want to succeed, you have to deal with at least two times a week.But twice - this is what relates directly to training in the pool.Remember what we said about the importance of muscular strength?So, select yourself a couple of days a week for training on simulators.

In any situation, whether you are engaged with the coach or yourself, remember the three pillars of success - machinery, regularity, support targeted muscles.

Council lazy

If you do not want to engage in, and the desire to swim quickly left, then buy yourself fins - and you will not catch up!