How fast do the splits ?

How fast do the splits ?

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How fast do the splits?

Learning to sit on twine can everyone, regardless of age and physical fitness.To this end, it is important to exercise regularly.It is necessary to carry out special exercises;some of them will call you "pulling" pain, but this is normal, which should not be scared.Conducts classes best daily or 1 time in two days.The duration of exercise should be between 30 to 60 minutes.The exercises should be performed slowly and smoothly, avoiding sudden movements and severe pain.


If you want to quickly do the splits, then perform the exercise correctly and consistently.Begin each session you must be sure to warm up, as it will prepare your body to complex exercises.

During the warm-up is necessary to warm up the muscles.To do this, take a jog or take a rope and do it with the help of 100 to 200 jumps.Then start doing mahi legs in different directions.During such exercises should lie on your side and begin to raise the opposite leg.Keep it straight and lowered slowly.Then turn to the other side and do a similar exercise with the other leg.It is better if you make 15-20 swings on each of them.

following exercise to be performed during the warm-up - the rotation leg bent at the knee inwards and outwards.During his performance to stand up straight.Total must perform 15 approaches on each leg.

And finally - it turns the rotational body to be performed 20 times.


exercise you need to do a set of exercises, which looks like this:

  1. Performing lunges.Align the left leg forward and slowly bend the knee, straighten and take a second back, making sure that your posture - it should be a straight line.Perform 30 movements up and down the left foot, then right in a similar position.
  2. Running rapids.Spread your legs wide, sit on one of them, while the second should remain straight.Keep your body straight.Rolls from one foot to the other do smoothly, keep the pelvis to the floor.It is necessary to carry out 30 such exercises.
  3. Performing butterfly.Carefully sit on the floor, to the side, spread your knees, take care that the feet are connected together.Start making springy exercise, trying to get your knees to the floor, helping during this himself with his hands.Perform 30 approaches.Then grasp the hands feet and press them to her.Hold for 5 seconds so, and then again return to the starting position.Make three of these exercises.
  4. Performing slopes.Sit on the floor, then extend your legs and bring them together Lift up socks up.Followed by hands clasp his feet, and the breast as much as possible to cuddle up to his knees, but his legs without bending.Hold this position for a long time as possible.Repeat it 4 times.

Now you need to perform a final exercise before you start to sit down on a twine.Spread your legs wide and place your hands.Lower the hips down, leaning the body, and then do the reverse movement.Do this exercise 30 times.

most crucial moment - doing the splits.Spread your legs as much as possible, and then slowly start to breed them aside.It is necessary to do so as long as you do not feel strong and sharp pain.Hold this position for a minute, and then start to rise gradually to its original position.It is recommended to perform several approaches to best stretch and warm up your muscles.

important to understand that after the first session to sit completely on the string, you can not.It is necessary to have a trained body and muscles flexible.However, if you begin to perform a set of exercises presented above on a regular basis, you soon will achieve this goal.The exact time interval that you need in order to achieve the desired result, unfortunately, can not be designated.After all, it would have to depend on your fitness, weight, physiological characteristics and diligence.

Successful training!

Also you can use a different set of exercises, which is presented in our article How do the splits quickly.