How to build muscle at home for 2 weeks ?

How to build muscle at home for 2 weeks ?

Many aspire to possess perfect physical health and appearance.However, our daily lives, which mainly consists of work and rest of it does not leave a lot of chances, and most importantly time to take care of yourself.

Someone goes to the gym, someone is doing exercises in the morning, but many feel that it is not enough.Any development, including the development of the body, involves working in the system.Therefore, if you have in mind to pump up their muscles and strengthen the body, then the lesson should take place every day.Here are some exercises, how to swing at home.They may seem familiar to you, but this does not diminish their importance for the full and proper development of your muscles.So, how to build muscle at home for 2 weeks.

Downloading muscles at home: it is necessary to

little about the principle of operation.To make your muscles do not get used to the monotonous load, it is necessary to gradually increase your weight.House it can be done, for example, wearing a backpack with books.Gradually filling backpack diverse literature, we fill our body is quite unique power.More to the point, dear reader.

Pulling up on the bar

Hang on a horizontal bar.The palms should be to turn away from him, and his hands to be shoulder-width apart.Our challenge is seemingly banal to the limit, just to catch up.But not so simple, because in order to exercise to be effective, it must be done skillfully and correctly.

  • Pull-ups should be carried out slowly and evenly.The rate of ascent and descent with the same tightening.
  • Do not jerk, otherwise it will lead to the muscles by inertia.
  • increasing load, adjust the maximum weight you can lift evenly.Try to keep the number of sets is minimized.
  • should breathe nose.On the rise - breath on lowering - exhale.The speed of raising and lowering the same as your usual breathing rate.

There is another kind of grip for pull-ups.It is called "monkey".To perform a "monkey grip" all five fingers should encircle the bar.Pulled up to the bar should be behind your head.Experts advise to do an odd number of pull-ups.Such a number of pull-ups allows you to distribute the load to increase endurance.At least, in order to build muscle at home for 2 weeks - three approach.

next type of grip - this increase to 1.5 normal grip of shoulder width, that is a little wider than the "hands shoulder-width apart."What is useful is exercise?It develops the muscles of the arms, back and abdominals.

Pushups on

floor now look at how to build muscle at home for 2 weeks, and maybe a little longer, but certainly with the help of push-ups.

  • Do not forget to increase the weight as you progress in the implementation of the exercise.Add a couple of heavy books in your "training" backpack.
  • Run again require the same odd number of push-ups.
  • If you do the exercise with their fists, then you only increase the efficiency of your muscles.
  • Character movements smooth, slow and gradual.The same principles as in the tightening.
  • descend to breath and squeeze yourself and your body as you exhale.
  • Experts recommend to perform 5 push-ups per set.With such a load is best to begin.As soon as your muscle mass will increase, you will need to raise the bar.
  • between approaches lie down on his stomach, hands under his head.It would help if at the time of push-ups you feel a nagging pain in the lower back.Try to be aware of the work your muscles at any given point in time.The same advice can be applied when pulling up.

exercise on the back muscles

Lie on your stomach.Secure your feet.You can place them under the couch or under a horizontal bar.The main thing - is to find a safe place to stand, and can withstand your weight.Hands behind your head clean.Start slowly raise and lower your upper body.As with the push-ups exercises should start with 5 time approaches.Breathing should be uniform, and the body must move smoothly and without jerks.

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