How to build buttocks girl ?

How to build buttocks girl ?

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How to build buttocks girl?

offer a very effective complex designed fitness blogger Tatiana Fedorischevoy.Regular exercises coupled with proper nutrition within a short period of time will have a positive effect.

intense workout for the thighs

Just note that because almost every workout is related to the load on the spine, joints, and, of course, the muscles themselves, they need to fulfill with care.In particular, this applies to this very active complex.Therefore, if you have problems with these elements of the body, it can carry you only after the approval of a doctor (orthopedic surgeon, general practitioner) or, for example, a qualified trainer physiotherapy exercises.

The following exercises are intended to burn excess body fat and shape the buttocks and beautiful contour.With the right set of pace of work it does not take more than 25-30 minutes, which would be sufficient to properly inflate the buttocks girl.

only tools that you will need to practice - it's 2 dumbbells (can be replaced with bottles of water).Weight them determine for themselves.For beginners it is quite enough to be 0.5 kg / l.

jumping squat (heating)

  1. Legs set shoulder width apart, toes have to look a little to the side.
  2. arms bend at the elbows, palms facing fold lock.
  3. Sit down so that the basin turned parallel to the floor, and from this position make springy jump up, straightening the knees.
  4. Landing, again take a sitting position.Try to sit down a little deeper.Keep your back straight.
  5. Do 25 repetitions.

Proceed with this exercise:

  • Take in each hand on a dumbbell.Legs place a little closer to each other and make similar jumps 15, but with weighting.
  • Put dumbbell and rest a couple of minutes - stand up straight, alternately raising and lowering the arms and shifting from foot to foot, takes a deep breath and exhale.

Exercise "Skate»

  1. Legs put a little farther than shoulder width.
  2. legs bend at the knees and do squat.Hands in front of you, palms in the castle.
  3. Now pull the left leg back.Right hand for balance and pull back.The left hand must be touching the foot of the right leg.
  4. not straightening the knees, return to the starting position of the squat.
  5. Now pull back your right leg and left arm and right hand, touch the foot of the left leg.
  6. Return to start without getting up.
  7. Make all 25 repeats (repeat 1 - 1 is the exercise for one side).
  8. Relax.


  • Make the first 15 squats with a jump without dumbbells and after another 15, but with dumbbells.Relax.
  • Make second approach exercise "Skate".This time, try to do 30 repetitions, that is, 15 on each side.

Exercise "Squat with traction»

  1. Take dumbbells.
  2. Feet shoulder width apart, toes apart.Make squat.The pelvis is parallel to the floor.Knees are looking in the same direction as the socks.Back straight.
  3. Hands bend your elbows, hold the dumbbells in front of you.Uprites elbows on his knees.
  4. Straighten your knees, getting up.This hands with dumbbells leave at the bottom.At the same time the housing body (back) should be parallel to the floor.
  5. Gently straighten up.Hands omitted.Taz pull, straining buttocks.
  6. again lower the hands to the feet, bent his back parallel to the floor.Legs are straight.
  7. And then do squat, his elbows on his knees.
  8. Do 30 repetitions of the cycle "stood up from a sitting position, his back parallel to the floor - completely straightened, back upright - back bent, the back is horizontal - sat down."Relax.


  • Do cardio exercise "double jump".To do this, place your feet a little wider, a little sit down and jumped up, place your feet a little closer to each other.Then, without a break in full, make the jump again, returning feet into a broader setting.Perform 20 repetitions.Relax.
  • Make exercise a second approach "to squat thrust."Perform 25 repetitions.Relax.
  • Repeat "double jump" - 20 repetitions.Relax.

Exercise "Lead leg-ups»

  1. Get on all fours.One place the dumbbell behind the knee of the left leg.Arms and back straight or bent at the elbows (so it will be more convenient).Look ahead.
  2. Okay, raise your leg to her back and holding up a dumbbell with his knee.At the same time try to keep the back leg formed a straight line with the back.Do 15 repetitions.
  3. Then, without changing the position, without removing the dumbbell, bends the leg is not back, and side.In this case - to the left.
  4. Transfer dumbbell under the right knee and repeat the exercise - 15 times and then pull back without a break, take away 15 times to the right.Relax.


  • Perform cardio exercise "squat with a push."To do this, sit down, hands in front of him.Now stand up and one leg move aside so that it is parallel to the floor.Sit down and getting up, take aside already other foot.Perform 30 repetitions - 15 on each leg.Relax.
  • Make second approach exercise "Lead leg-ups" for 30 times on each side (15, 15 retracted and leads to the side).Relax.
  • Make second approach cardio "squat with a push" to 15 swings on each leg.Relax.All!

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