How to learn to beat?

How to learn to beat?

Protect yourself on the street should be able to every boy.Not everyone it can, so the question of how to learn to beat among adolescents is very important.Professional soldiers from different combat sports destination for many of the standard for strength, skill and ability to stand up for themselves.But let's face it: the strong and brave men to achieve results, we are very much involved.For them, the gym was a native house, exercises and training - a way of life.Do you want to achieve the same results, then go in for sports constantly.

To just be able to repel an attack, or to intercede for others, will be enough to follow a few tips from the professional fighters.

Let's start with the fact that all beginners make the same mistake.They beat not poking and pushing at the target.Many people rely on their strength or their weight.But in any case, such an impact will not be effective.

What is the correct stroke

correct hit - it is flying in the goal arm, which should be relaxed.And only at the end of the fist tightens and becomes like a stone.Learning this is not difficult.The easiest way - is shadow boxing with small dumbbells in his hands.These exercises stretch the muscles of the hands and strengthen hand muscles, which are responsible for the strength of the fist.

There is another exercise that will teach you how to properly punch:

  1. Take proper stance: bend your left arm at the elbow so that it was at the edges, and the fist at shoulder level.Now, turning to the right, make a swing to the right elbow.Mach should not be long.Once the arm has reached the level of your eyes, begin to let him go down to the starting position.
  2. Now bend your elbows at ninety degrees.Turn the body of your body, and the elbow remains in place.Once the body has reached its half way, throw an elbow, but only on the shoulder.That is, the swing will take place at the expense of body movement, not the hands.Then return the arm to its original position.
  3. rises at fighting stance - hands in the jaw, elbows close to the body.Hit the left hand to the head.Note that the movement is transmitted from the shoulder, ie, it is ahead of the elbow.This last makes translational lifting movement.That is ultimately forearm takes a horizontal position.The impact must get faster and biting.

In a side-impact fist should be directed diagonally.With his left hand he applied the scheme to the right-diagonal-up, and can be down.Punctured the goal, immediately return the arm to its original position.Notice that the elbow plays an important role in the strike.It is he who gives the movement a landmark, that it helps to establish a reverse reflex movements of the hands to protect his face from the oncoming blow.

Use these exercises every day for several approaches, passes a month, you will feel that your kick becomes tougher, faster and more accurate.There are important training and perseverance.