How to learn to pronounce the "R" ?

How to learn to pronounce the "R" ?

Incorrect pronunciation of certain letters - a fairly common phenomenon, not only in children but also in adults.And often, we're just too lazy to fix it.But most of the speech defects can be corrected, not even leaving home.Enough to know the technique and perform the exercises correctly.

The most common problem is the wrong pronunciation of the letter "P".The reason for its occurrence can be a purely physiological - short frenulum under the tongue.In this case, you need to consult your doctor to determine your way out of the situation:

  1. conduct a mini-operation (cut the bridle);
  2. bridle can "stretch" - this contributes to a complex of exercises for stretching the frenulum.The simplest of them, for example - to reach the tip of the tongue to the nose.

If the bridle is all right, then we can try to remedy the defect yourself.So, learning how to pronounce the "R"?

Outset that like performing any other exercise importantly - the regularity, accuracy performance and diligence.To exercise sit in front of a mirror on a chair (to control all movements), the back should be straight, hands and feet are in a quiet position.The complex exercise has several objectives, therefore, respectively, to pass any of them is not recommended.

For starters learn how to develop a stretching hyoid ligament.To do this, open your mouth wide, his tongue out, push it towards the upper teeth over the entire width, arch your back up language.Keeping the tongue in this position for 10 seconds.Repeat 2-3 times needed.

Next, perform the exercise, the purpose of which - to master the skill of the tip of the tongue tremor under the influence of a strong jet of air (very important to learn how to pronounce the letter "P").The tip of the tongue should be put out of his mouth and clung to him the upper and lower lip.Exhale strong air stream, when done correctly, the language must tremble under the influence of the jet.

biting the tip of the tongue will help to strengthen the muscles of the tongue tip.For this smile and in a position slightly bite down language.

Then again stretch the ligaments sublingual language.Firmly press the tip of the tongue to the sky and flip them at a different pace.

Learning to coordinate the movements of the tongue with a quick change of position at the top and bottom of the exercise will "swing".Widely open mouth, his tongue touch the alveoli (the hillocks behind the front upper teeth), then lower it over the lower teeth.Repeat the movement in the near future pace several times (15-30).

Develop mobility of the tip of the tongue can do the activity "Woodpecker."Open wide your mouth and forcefully strike the tip of the alveoli by the language, all the while uttering the sound "e".

mastered the above exercises, you can start vygovarivt sound "P".Of course, once you growl not work.We will try to deliver sound.Try to knock wide flat tongue behind the upper teeth, pronouncing with SIC "d".At the same time under the tip of the tongue enclose a clean index finger and make frequent vibrational motion.If done correctly, it should appear rumbling sound.Understanding the essence of skill and remember the feeling when performing the exercise, you will understand what to do and what position to put the language to get the desired sound.

Having achieved the first results, you can begin to consolidate skills.To start utter a sound in an isolated sound, ie,only the letter "P".Then it can be to pronounce the syllables ( "pu-re-pa-ro-ru-ra"), words, phrases and sentences."P" The final chord of the same will work with patters on the pronunciation of the letter.

This exercise program is suitable for both children and adults.It is understood that an adult learn to pronounce "R" will be harder because of certain habits with sound pronunciation, etc.And yet, we recommend to try.

possible to periodically record for the purity of the experiment: by chanting on the recorder small text, in which many words with the letter "P" and compare it with the end result.With proper and regular exercises last audio recording will be very pleasing to the ear.After all, even if the defect does not disappear completely, then at least some progress, you will hear clearly.

Now you know how you can learn to pronounce the letter "P".