How to learn to do a wheel ?

How to learn to do a wheel ?

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How to learn to do a wheel?

about tires, drives and cameras, we will not talk, we talk about how to learn to make the wheel in terms of acrobatics.Entertainment gymnastics delights, but in fact possible to try.Acrobatic wheel just refers to the category of exercises that you can learn on their own at home.Of course, a certain percentage of the preparation, availability and compliance with basic safety rules (well, if you have an assistant who can hedge).


Before learning to do the wheel, it is necessary to prepare the site and yourself.

  • Site Preparation.This is required as learn how to make a wheel without a proper place simply will not work.A suitable place, this place is spacious, without unnecessary items around, high enough (not to knock chandeliers feet).Well, if you have the opportunity to engage in a room where there is also a mat.Nothing should constrain movement, no sharp edges around.Useful free wall.
  • Preparing yourself.
    1. Choosing clothes.It should not hamper movement and stop you over-baggy.Well, if it's short shorts or elastic Lacina, fitted elastic top (T), which will not roll with you in the "upside down".With regard to footwear, the choice depends on the location.If it is smooth floors, choose shoes, not moving on it.
    2. muscles.Warm up before you go to exercise, mash, make a set of preparatory exercises.

Acrobatic wheel: User

to start would be useful to know how to learn to make the wheel rolls on video.Carefully review the performance of the technique, the position of the legs, arms, all the fine movement: where to start, what each part of the body during exercise, how to finish.Pauses in the video, consider the position of the body.

  1. OK to start to learn to stand on his hands.First the wall, so you can stretch it legs;You can ask someone to hold you.
  2. Try to get up if you were going to do the wheel.Determine the most suitable for your side (on the right foot or the left).You can try to make the wheel (though quite similar to the wheel at all).
  3. So convenient side stand.For example, it is the left side, ie,We stand upright (just turned).The sequence of your movements will be like this: take a step left foot, drop your left hand (in this example) on the floor at the same time pushing the right foot (feet do not reduce), put your right hand on the floor, taking his left leg.When the left foot to reach the vertical position, right down to the floor, at the same time you will feel that it is time to take your hands off the floor, first left, then right.

Be prepared that at first did not work.From my own experience I would say that the main thing - to perfect the movement, that is, constantly, time from time, to do and to do the wheel.You must achieve a single smooth motion.