How to learn to juggle?

How to learn to juggle?

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How to learn to juggle?

Juggling - is the ability to simultaneously manipulate multiple objects, a kind of focus, based on mobility as the hand, so the entire human body.It has been known since ancient times and is a very spectacular art.I think more than one person, looking at the speaker juggler asks himself how to learn how to juggle.

I can say that the average person can quite independently learn the basics of this art, if he has enough patience and persistence.In this article I'll show you how to learn how to juggle three balls, and in the future, if there is a desire, it will be possible to consider the more complex aspects.

How to learn to juggle the ball

  1. Firstly, you must choose a suitable balls.Ideally, we need weighted spherical objects such as balls for tennis, filled with lead shot.But it will go on sale in all stores weighted plastic balls that can easily fit in the palm of your hand.There may even come up golf balls or baseballs.In the future, I will just call them balls.
  2. Secondly, you need to learn how to stand.Stand with your head should be in a natural position, eyes directed forward.Any tilting will result in further errors and drop balls.The left leg exhibited slightly forward, half the width of the shoulders.Arms bent at the elbows, the elbows are parallel to the floor, shoulders slumped.
  3. Well, and, thirdly, in fact, consider juggling.Take any one hand and start to throw the ball from one palm to another in an arcuate path.It is necessary to ensure that the cast was due to brush the ball like "flies" from one hands and lands on the other.Movement elbows should be minimal, shoulders still.At this stage, we are sure to make sure that the ball constantly flew on the same trajectory of the palm to palm, upper part of the arc should be at eye level.Sight is directed forward, following the trajectory of the ball, but the head is stationary.
  4. When you are sure that the ball flies through the desired path, proceed to the next step.You get up at the same initial position but this time in each hand should be one ball.Now, be careful!You throw the ball from one palm to the other, as you have done previously.When the ball will pass the upper part of the path and begin to decline in the second palm, you need to do throw the second ball, and its trajectory has to go a little bit lower than the first path to the balls collided.Both the ball must land on your palms.Repeat this exercise until you bring it to automatism.

final exercise, which, in fact, is already juggling.Take the right hand of two goals, so that one was in the palm of your hand, squeezed between the thumb and little finger, and the second hold above the rest of the fingers.The third ball is in his left hand.Now you start to throw the ball from the top right hand to the left, when the ball begins to fall, under him toss the ball of the left hand, freeing it for the first ball.When the ball is ejected from the left hand comes to the right, in its turn, throw the third ball for a second, finishing, so juggling cycle.You see, nothing complicated!

For full ponianiya process, you can see some video, typing in any search engine query, how to learn juggling video.