How to learn to do push-ups ?

How to learn to do push-ups ?

In a healthy body - healthy mind!This saying is known to all of us since childhood, and each somehow tends to keep himself in shape.To do this, you do not need to buy pricey gym membership, enough to do some exercises at home.Use the usual procedures such as abdominal exercises, squats and push-ups.But any exercise must be performed properly to go to the benefit, not a detriment.So let's look at how to learn to do push-ups.

How to learn to be wrung from scratch

Exercise should be increased gradually.That is, if you jerk off the bat in the first approach do 100 push-ups, then tomorrow you even raise your hands can not.How to learn to be wrung from the ground up?

best to start to train their chest muscles to push-ups against a wall.It just seems that there is no effect of this type of exercise does not.In fact gradual load on the muscles of the hands, chest, abdomen and neck there.

Starting position - you against the wall.We take a step back and rests his hands on the wall.It is important to remember that the more you hand divorce, the greater the load on the pectoral muscles.The farther you turn away from the wall - the greater the load on the biceps.Push-ups best as slowly as possible, giving each muscle feel the strain, and then slowly relax.

Such training can be done anywhere: at home, in the office, on the street.All that you need - a horizontal surface and a few minutes of your time.

How to learn to do push-ups

girl Now let's see how to learn to do push-ups girl.The pressing for both men and women are different, because not all the girls want to have the same muscular shoulders as the guys.Consequently, the load should be slightly smaller.Enough to start 10-20.After one to two weeks the number of push-ups should be increased to 40 times.When you feel yourself to increase as soon as the muscles are used to, and you no longer feel the pleasant fatigue after exercise - should throw a dozen.

How to learn to be wrung from the floor

Once you have learned to do push-ups against a wall, you can move on to how to do push-ups on the floor.Again the same, do not rush to start to push-ups, as a soldier, who served two years in the army.Just stretch out the muscles and undermine health.If you want to learn how to do push-ups 100 times, first of all need to be patient.

Starting position - on the floor on his knees.Rest hands on the floor and cross your feet, raise them.Already in this position you feel stress.Spread your hands shoulder-width apart and start to push-ups.Start is the same as we did in the case of the wall - 10-20 pushups on the first day, and then gradually increase the load to 40 in the next two weeks.

In addition to learning how to do push-ups on hand, there are other ways to push - for example, with their fists or fingers.This type of push-ups should start with some soft surface - mat or travel rug.Gradually, the bones and muscles of your arms get stronger, you can wring from anyone, even the most solid surface.

How to learn to do push-ups on the bars

When you have mastered the push-ups on the floor, fists and fingers, you can begin to Dips.This type of exercise the most impact on your triceps and shoulder girdle, which will strengthen the back muscles.

For starters, you can try the "home" version of push-ups with two benches or chairs.Place two benches and two armchairs parallel to each other at a distance equal to about the length of your legs.Now take a starting position - rest against one chair hands (focus in the back), and put his feet on the second.Now you are ready to push-ups, bending your elbows.

Be extremely careful, as this type of push-ups the most traumatic and can cause negative effects on your health, including sprains and fractures of the joints.

Once you have learned to do push-ups at home with couches, you can safely go out and try to do push-ups on the bars.

Starting position - stand between the boards and place your hands in them.Lift your legs, cross ankles and legs bent at the knee.Now you are left in limbo, the whole weight of your body and makes the load on the arms, shoulders and chest.Proceed with push-ups, slowly and gently flexing the hand.

Learn more about push-ups can be found here: how to do push-ups.

Thus, gradually increasing the load, and moving from one type of exercise to another, you will be able to develop all muscle groups and achieve considerable success.