How to learn parkour ?

How to learn parkour ?

I'm sure many have heard this strange word "parkour", and even saw a group of young people jumping, perform various acrobatic stunts, but never thought wondered what it might mean.What is this sport and how you can learn parkour at home?

Parkour - a sport discipline, which implies a set of skills possession of his body and good physical fitness.Parkour is a mixture of rock climbing, athletics, martial arts and acrobatics.People who are engaged in parkour are called traceurs.Basically, this self-taught enthusiasts, students uncomplicated movements independently of video tutorials, which are many on the Internet.In addition, among the tracers many athletes - gymnasts, athletes, acrobats, who have a very good base of fitness.

Distribution of parkour started after the release in 2001 screens franzuzskogo movie "Yamakasi", tells the story of a group of young people who are continuing the tradition of "ninja", they created their own art - the art of movement.Already in 2002-2003, began to emerge the first parkour team, which lacked information for teaching and visual aids, and many abandoned this hobby.Subsequently, Parkour has become very popular in show business, cinema and advertising, and precisely because of this "art of movement" is becoming popular among young people, there are special courses, and then parkour training school.

believed that the best school is the street parkour.Parkour as breykdens, was born in the courts of our youth and at one time was a free form of training sports tricks.But in the end, like any other human activity, he stood on a commercial footing.Not every modern man is able to self organize themselves, as parkour, which requires constant training, is able to single-handedly overpower a man with a strong motivation and will.Parkour Schools were established, as well as any other sport schools (Sambo, Kung Fu, Wushu) with the sole purpose - to educate and rally the people interested in parkour at the opportunity to earn money from it.Abroad, such schools are called "academies", as we have associations or federations (informal associations).

How to learn to deal with parkour?

first need to learn its main principle - the assertion that there are no borders, there are only obstacles that can be overcome.The main goal of any tracer - faster than others to be in a given point in space, using only their bodies.A distinctive feature of training in Parkour is the lack of special tools.If necessary other sports stadium, some shells, the tracer is suitable for all what he sees in front of him - a ladder, playground, fence, railing and so on.

In parkour there are two types of training:

  1. arbitrary exercise - performing various movements and exercises in random order from one control point to another.This type of training is not only for beginners, but also an athlete can seem unbearable.After all, in order to jump over two-meter distance from roof to roof, successfully landed a half-meter height or climb on a running three-meter wall, you need a lot of effort and skill on the part of tracer.This type of exercise is suitable for those who are engaged in parkour for a long time.
  2. Systematic training - a constant and purpose-built group of exercises, allowing more seriously learn parkour skills.This training is designed just for beginners.Mastering the elements of parkour takes place in three stages:
  • first studied technique of jumps and landings
  • then studied electronics vault on different obstacles
  • passage route from one control point to another.

How to learn to do parkour at home?

For those who have decided to learn this sport discipline at home or in the yard, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • run around on a daily basis;
  • develop a sense of balance (eg balancing on the board);
  • swing press (while making the body turns in different directions);
  • train high jump and long;
  • the stand on one leg, then on the second;
  • do push-ups;
  • do a handstand (first leaning on the wall, and then independently);
  • do headstand;
  • pressing, keeping the legs above the level of the body;
  • twist and pull up on the bar;
  • jump to the horizontal bar on the horizontal bar

Once you have mastered the information exercise, and have acquired sufficient skills, you can proceed to the very elements of parkour:

  1. jumps (drops)
  2. vault (vaults)
  3. Flip (flips)
  4. Rotation (spins)
  5. Other (others)

Each group contains elements of parkour own set of exercises.Do not try to see every movement repeat it immediately.We need to approach each element with a confident physical training and informed understanding of the exercise equipment.Usually, it is this, and is taught in schools of parkour.