How to learn to type on the keyboard ?

How to learn to type on the keyboard ?

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How to learn to type on the keyboard?

to learn to type on the keyboard, you need to be patient and do some exercise.Consider what exercises should master the beginner.If you still do not know how to use the keyboard, be sure to read the article - How to use the keyboard.

Location keys

Obviously, the keypad buttons are not in alphabetical order.It initially strongly confuses novice.Try to remember the location of the keys, you can sketch them on paper.It will be the first step in mastering the keyboard, since the sketch you engage the visual and motor memory.You can try to sketch the second time already from memory.

quantity and quality

should start to print from 500-1,000 words a day.And the words should be written correctly.Learn how to print directly without errors.Do not hurry - even if at first you will have to leave about an hour just to one thousand characters, but you have time to learn this business faster.It is important to try to learn to type without looking at the keyboard.

Gradually increase the number of characters.Ideally, you should be able to print a thousand characters in 10 minutes.Aim for this indicator.At first you may have with spelling problems and many of the words are printed incorrectly.Therefore we recommend to read the article How to print.

Learning via

program Currently, there are two most popular development program for printing on the keyboard: Solo on the keyboard and Stamina.These programs contain a specific set of exercises, which allows beginners to quickly and easily master the skill of typing on the keyboard.However, you should not rely only on the program.The best way to learn any thing - just take him.After all, it does not need a lot of effort and investment.

  1. Take any book and open to any page.
  2. Try to reprint the text.
  3. After repeat - type the same text again.And so on until you can not print at a rate of a thousand characters 5-10 minutes.
  4. Do not forget to take breaks.

When you learn one set of text, you can move on.And you do not notice how print will become really fast.

Should I go for

courses On the one hand, courses can really help to learn how to type on the keyboard, but they are primarily intended for people who need to print very quickly.For example, a stenographer.These people are trained ten-set method.So difficult things the average man there is no need to learn.

At the same time, there are courses and for people who just need to learn to type.Walk on them or not, you decide.Note that each person and he may learn to type without assistance.If you still want to learn to type fast, then do not rush to spend money on courses, read our article How to learn fast typing.

Typing on time

very well to typing on time.There are games in which the player must type text in the shortest possible time.You can arrange a competition - who will pick up more characters.

As you can see, everyone has a lot of ways to learn to type on the keyboard, both for money and for free.Mainly for this business you need only a little desire.

We also recommend that you read an article that gives tips and other rapid, and most importantly, the correct typing on the keyboard How to type on a keyboard quickly and correctly.