How to learn to swim on their own ?

How to learn to swim on their own ?

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How to learn to swim on their own?

swimming training - only at first glance seem difficult task.It is especially difficult this "science" is given to those people who are afraid of water - or rather, the fear of drowning.But in fact it is actually learn to swim on their own.

How to learn to swim in the water

The first thing to do - is to overcome his fear of drowning.Water keeps the body, and it is a physical property, but if a person is afraid, he immediately begins to go down.Do not try to learn how to swim in the waters of great depth and without the support craft.

coaching novice swimmer should consist of such elements:

  • View into the water, so she got out to about chest level;
  • breathe deeply and dive into the water, cross-legged.This exercise will help to feel the buoyancy of the water, to feel that the body floats under its action;
  • Once hold your breath has become impossible to get back on their feet.

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can do such exercises not only in open water, but also in the basins.The last train is easier if holding bumpers.

to learn to swim breaststroke on their own as well as any other style, you can watch how it is done by other people, learn their techniques.Also, in order to learn to swim butterfly style, it will be useful to read our article - How to swim butterfly.

movements during swimming

When people are able to stay on the water and hold your breath, it remains only to master movements with his hands and feet.Each style presents its own specific movements, but more importantly, that they are synchronized and focused on the movement in the water.

best place to start to learn to swim "like a dog" - is the easiest way.It is flailing his arms and legs in the water about as if pedaling a bicycle.

learn to swim breaststroke myself quite easily - you first need to practice kicking motion.These movements are very similar to those as floating frog and repeat them is not difficult.Stroke is done simultaneously with both hands.

In order to learn how to swim the crawl, legs have to work as well as in the style of "a dog" and his hands make alternate circular motions over the water.

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