How to learn to swim?

How to learn to swim?

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How to learn to swim?

Vessels man and the animal moves in the water in such a way that contact with the bottom removed.This sport can not only enhance the human body, but is an excellent and fun way to vacation.

How to learn to swim adult

learn to swim without a practical training course, impossible.We describe in detail the proposed article to you the process of how to learn to swim.Video material on the topic will also come in handy for you.

Everyone knows that the human body is heavier than water.This is due to the presence of bones and the liquid.Furthermore, in the lungs and gut contains air.It was his presence in the body allows a person not to drown.While we breathe, we stay afloat.It is proper breathing allows a person to stay on the water.

Once on the beach, one wonders how to learn to swim during the day.After all, I want to use all sorts of diverse vacation, including swimming in the sea.All those who could not swim, have difficulty learning.They are afraid of the water, there are no simple skills in swimming.Such people are depriving themselves of pleasure to plunge into the water on a hot sunny day and is free to splash in it.Here are instructions on how to quickly learn how to swim.

  • First of all you need to choose a place for swimming.The bottom of the beach must be clean and smooth, there should be no waves and currents.For hedging bring a partner who knows how to swim well.It will help you when the unexpected occurs, a difficult situation.
  • to learn to swim, you need to master a number of simple skills: the ability to lie on his back, glide through the water, opened his eyes in the water.This will help us a few exercises that will reveal the secret of how to learn to swim on their own.
  • Accompanied by an experienced partner to enter the water is not deep (water is just above the belt).Grasp the hand partner, take a deep breath and holding his breath, immerse yourself in the head with water.Vynyrnite.This exercise should be repeated several times, repeated immersion in water eyes should be open.
  • Let's learn how to keep the balance in the water.To do this, go into the water on the knee and get up on all fours.Breathe in, tightly fold the legs together and lift them horizontally to the water.Based on the palm, are like the hands on the pond bottom in this position.
  • to learn to stay on the water, will learn the following exercise.Take a deep breath, entered the water up to his waist.This is followed by a seat, hugging her legs and pressing his chin to his knees.In this position, you need to stay on the surface for several seconds.Repeat this exercise several times.
  • Now try to learn to do exhale into the water.Log into the water with a partner.Its depth should be slightly above the waist.Sit down in the water with his head after a deep breath, and hold your breath.Exhale through your mouth water.Climb.To consolidate the skill, repeat the exercise several times.
  • exhaust needed when navigating grebkovyh hand movements.Let's start with working out on the beach, and then consolidate their skills in the water.
  • We need to stand up straight and keep your hands shoulder-width apart.Perform a circular motion back and forth with his hands.Hands are pointing hands back - watch this forever.This same exercise needs to be done with only one hand.
  • Lying back on the sand, stretch your arms forward with the palms turned outwards.Do hands waving back, paddling with his hands as much as possible of sand.This exercise is very useful for your hands.
  • Now lie down on the sand stomach.Then you need to fold the legs together with feet outstretched.Hands pull forward.Make several movements up and down slightly raised legs.Hand, head and torso should remain stationary.After the above exercises on the beach, proceed to the exercises in the water.
  • practiced rowing arms and legs in the water rhythmically and synchronously, gradually increasing the range of motion.This will allow you to further confidence to control your body in the water.

At mastering these exercises, you will be able to float freely, and a dog, and frog, and on the back, and crawl.

How children learn to swim

Summer - the perfect time to teach your child to swim.Strengthening the immune system and proper physical development of the child helps the body swimming in any body of water, be it a river, sea or lake.How to teach a child to swim, and to overcome the fear of water?This is what we'll tell you below.

children up to 2-3 years quite enough in shallow water where you can swim with inflatable toys.The child must be under the close supervision of parents.While bathing the baby is important to feel your love and care about him.

In 3-5 years it is already possible to teach a child to swim, lay on the water.Familiarize crumbs with the laws of physics of water, at this age he would be interested.Tell us how it resists our body, why we are sailing in the breath, and exhale drowning and so on.To the child has not forgotten the skills of swimming horizontally, do not let him swim in inflatable ring.Otherwise, then it would be difficult to retrain him back to swim, as he remembers swimming vertically.

Kids in the age of 7 is much easier to explain that the voyage will be useful in life, and being engaged in swimming, he will grow up healthy and hardy.Engage his stories on this topic, and you will see how the child will learn to swim with great enthusiasm.And calling a child's desire to be a good swimmer, do not forget to promote his small successes.Everyone knows that children tend to imitate their parents - an excellent opportunity to show by example that swimming - it's great!

Proceed to the development of a child's swimming skills only after he has mastered in the water.Below we give the exercises that need to be performed on land and in water, that are sure to help you master the basics of swimming the crawl and breaststroke.First of all, teach the child to lie and float on the water, as the back and chest.In order to make the "float", practice on land.To run you must take a deep breath, sit down, grouped, clasp your hands and knees to tilt the head to him.Thus, repeat 5-6 times the exercise.Baby, as a rule, like this exercise and they are happy with it performed.Having mastered the technique, you can try this exercise in the water.

Foam board or rubber circle teach the child to stay on the water surface.To do this, we need only to press the board to hand waist and a little sit down.Smoothly deflecting body back, back of the head should be put head into the water, starting from the bottom, have the child lie on his back.The legs should straighten and pick up on the most surface water.If your child has all turns out, and he successfully kept on the water, ask them to lie down on the water without assistive devices.Parents are sure to see to it that the body he held straight.Insure the child, keeping his hand under his head.

It's no secret that the best tool in any educational process is a vivid example.So do not forget to show your child how you do.

Often children get tired very quickly, because they are usually so focused on the movements of the hands and feet, that they forget about the technique of proper breathing, and often detain him.Be vigilant, be careful that the child is strictly coordinated with the breath of strokes.

most important for the movement are grebkovyh hand movements.By helping the body to move, palm, like the blades of oars, shovel the water back.It is important not to miss a moment and check that the child holding hands flat, not rastopyrivaya fingers.

Ways swimming there are many.The main task of caring parents is to familiarize the child with the sport, as well as in helping to choose the most suitable method.

Now you know how to learn to swim and teach this to their children.We wish you good luck and health.