How to learn to catch up on the bar ?

How to learn to catch up on the bar ?

Often people who play sports, but not catching up on the bar, face the challenge of mastering this exercise.Let's talk about where to start newcomer.

Types grips

First of all, you need to master three basic grip.

  • first grip is usually called - hand position when it slightly wider than shoulder width, feet together.Pull-ups are carried out to the chin or to the chest.Beginners recommended to catch up to her chin.
  • There is a so-called reverse grip.It focuses on the biceps muscles and for the beginner seems the most simple, but the grip is recommended to do after mastered the standard grip.
  • wide grip is recommended for those who want more detail to develop the back muscles.His kind - narrow grip - also for the detailed development of the muscles.

For a beginner the most suitable is a conventional grip.It allows you to build muscle quite quickly and well.For the first time, you can help yourself body to make small leaps to pull tightening.Very good help in pulling up the ladder method.

How to learn to catch up on the bar: Tips

For the first approach to do one pull-up, in the second - two in the third - three, in the fourth - four of five - five, and so on.It is necessary to carry out the maximum possible number of sets and reps.For the first time may receive a maximum of five repetitions at a time.There is nothing wrong, because tightening is rather complicated exercise, and take time to master.

tightens be in special gloves so as not to rub the hands.However, over time, should get rid of the gloves to the hands could get used to the horizontal bar.

quantity and quality pull-up

an important role, not the number of repetitions plays in pull-ups, and their quality.No need to hurry.Do each repetition should be slow, that is, to do the exercise without jerks.Jerks in pull-ups hurt the joints.If, during the pull you feel that your joints feel discomfort, you should either increase the grip, that is, make it wider, or make enough already.No need to try to perform a power outlet or pull-ups on one hand.

During pulling try to feel the back muscles.Gradually you should stop helping themselves body and legs.Ideally, your feet should be straight during the pull-ups.As soon as you get up to fifteen repetitions for one approach, a conventional grip pull-ups can be considered mastered.Then you can move on to other types of grip.If you want to learn how to catch up more we recommend that you read the article How to increase the number of pull-ups.

Thus, pulling up the most important thing - do not rush.It is important to keep in mind as the exercise and safety, as tightening are rather complex exercise.Haste is fraught with consequences for the joints and muscles, so training should be not intense, and quiet nature.First results can be achieved after two months of regular exercise.

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