How to learn to catch up from the ground ?

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How to learn to catch up from the ground?

Pull-ups are a basic exercise in athletics.They develop well back and allow you to vary the load on different muscle.However, even those who have a strong hand, you may experience great difficulty in pulling up.That's because this exercise requires some training.Consider learning how to catch up with zero.

What is needed for the horizontal bar pull-ups

This simple question can cause a novice stupor.However, in the horizontal bar pull-ups it is extremely important, especially for a beginner.

Anyone who has a well-developed back muscles, can use a horizontal bar.Beginners should choose the horizontal bar narrower.The beam should be such that when enough fingers meshed.In addition, the bar rack should have a wide enough distance to be able to carry out different kinds of grips: wide, normal and narrow.If you can do in the gym, then it should use as a horizontal bar in the rooms equipped more comfortable and allows you to vary the load on different muscle groups.

With how many repetitions to start

Pull-ups are fairly difficult exercise to master.If almost any exercise allows you to select the weight so as to start with 10-12 repetitions, then in the case of the selection of weight pulling it is simply impossible.After all, a person would have to pull his weight.That is why at first it seems to many that pull are incredibly difficult exercise.However, if you start with two or three repetitions for one approach, the muscles gradually become stronger and the number of repetitions can be increased.

What better grip for the beginner

addition to conventional, narrow and wide grip and grip even distinguish the biceps.Wide grip for stronger athletes, although some of them are able to easily master the grip in mind the features of the joints.Others, by contrast, could hardly master the wide grip due to the limited mobility of the joints of the skeleton.

For a beginner it is optimal to normal grip (hands at shoulder width), palms forward.This is a standard grip, which is well developed back.Narrow grip focuses on isolated load for the back muscles.The grip on the biceps is an exercise similar to lifting dumbbells at the same time is a small load on the back muscles.It seems to many the easiest for beginners to learn, however, mean a light load on the muscles of the back, by itself it is not effective.

Recreation and security

newcomer is recommended to start with two or three repetitions at intervals of one minute and three or four approaches for the session.Tightens better every other day, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.

not necessary during pull-ups to help themselves in spurts - not only does this exercise is ineffective, but also has an extra strain on the elbow joints.Legs during exercise should be kept together, his chin barely touches the crossbar.Return to the starting position to be performed slowly, again, without jerks.

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