How to learn to catch up ?

How to learn to catch up ?

If you do not know how to learn to catch up, then read this article, because here you will find practical advice to achieve this goal.Pulling up - it's a great exercise to gain confidence in themselves and a beautiful body, which will attract the attention of the opposite sex.Just imagine the thoughts and reactions of girls, when they see the rolled "wings", biceps, beautiful breasts and taut press!Unable to catch up with you only create the basis for jokes and teasing from other men, and even women.If not able to catch up or do push-ups for girls are absolutely normal phenomenon, for men it is absolutely not acceptable.It was not always so disservice we have new technologies that make people of many sloths.Cars, modern equipment, various tools and devices simplify our lives so much that without them people are a little on what is capable.The same thing happens with our body.If you can not boast of inflated body, then follow these guidelines.

Learning to catch up with zero

If you can not catch up even once, then we will tell you how to learn to catch up from the ground, and how to learn to catch up on the bar.It all depends on how much you have developed the muscles of the back, chest, arms and press.If all this is correct, then you will understand how to quickly learn how to catch up.Otherwise, the need to further work out, for example, by performing push-ups, then you will not be difficult to begin to catch up.Next, go to the horizontal bar.Start small, if at all it is impossible to catch up, then help the crossbar, which is attached to the ladder.Hang on the crossbar, and the legs bend at the knees and socks hooked on the ladder.Such tightening is much easier this pull-ups, but to begin with - it is a very effective tool.Other means for beginners as well is performed using a ladder to which is attached the crossbar.Climb the stairs to the bar so that it touches your chin.The width of the grip at the shoulders and how you can slowly go down.Repeat this exercise several times until, until it becomes quite impossible to continue.Make a short pause and a few approaches.Pulling up so you can catch up without the help of a ladder after a while.

How tightened over

If it's not so bad to learn to catch up with the help of a ladder, and you are interested in the question of how to learn more than to catch up, then you need to remember one rule that the regularity of performance of pull-ups, even a small amount is much better than a largethe number of pull-ups, but rarely when it is necessary, so the best answer to the question how to learn to catch up with a lot - the regularity of exercise.If you are unable to frequent the gym, then you should install a turnstile at home, in this there are also advantages: home You do not have to be embarrassed in front of other people because you still do not know how to catch up.If you still do not know how to learn to catch up a lot of time, then you need to alternate types of pull-ups.Do pull to the chest, and then to the chin, then behind the head;make narrow and wide grip.Perform these exercises approaches, ranging, for example, with three pull-ups on the three approaches.Adjust the load for themselves.Be your own coach, so as soon as you can understand your own body and to develop a program on how to most effectively learn how to catch up.

If you need to learn how to learn how to catch up for a week, then you need to understand that everything depends on your overall fitness.Do not expect incredible miracles after the first week of training, if you've never could catch up.However, any shift for the better, the same result!If you do not stay there and continue to train your body and stamina, then a month or two you will feel that all their efforts were not in vain.Make all your workouts more intense each time.

better start learning to do push-ups with a friend or with someone who already knows how to do push-ups.Single person can give, begin to be lazy, self-pity;but when two people have the same goal, the chances go way diminishes.An experienced person can become a great coach, advisor and, if necessary, the supervisor and for those who try to change their minds.Keep each other, put the records, compete - all this will help you to achieve this goal - to learn how to catch up, and with it will come, and a beautiful body, and self-confidence and pride in front of other men, and success among women, and many other things in lifeadjusted due to the fact that you will learn how to catch up.It is also very useful to keep a record of their achievements, that you see progress and you had to stop and it is a pity to lose what you have already achieved.Put new goals for yourself.

To learn how to do push-ups you need to strongly want and get directly to the point.The more you delay the start of training, the later will be satisfied with the beauty of the inflated body.To achieve this, you need an incredible fortitude, perseverance and patience, even when you will feel that all efforts are in vain.Success will achieve the one who will not throw started midway and finishes.So, find a friend with the same problem, find a turnstile or crossbar, write in a notebook today's date and the number of push-ups, which you could do.Then make a plan for yourself.You will learn how to catch up if you follow these guidelines and do not throw started.