How to learn to whistle ?

How to learn to whistle ?

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How to learn to whistle?

loud whistle can not only attract attention but also assist in many emergency situations.There are two ways to whistle - with fingers and without. If you are wondering how to learn to whistle loudly, this "special course" for you.

whistles with fingers

is believed that for a person who does not even able to issue similar to the whistle sounds, a way to whistle with fingers at first will seem easier.But first, before proceeding to training or to the whistle, wash your hands completely.

Step 1. tucked lips

upper and lower lips need to tuck inside and completely cover the surface of the teeth.Only the edge of his lips, which is no longer possible to hide, can stay outside.

Step 2. "Kozoyu" fingers

fingers to whistle needed to hold the lips.There are the following options "raspaltsovki" to whistle:

  • thumb and middle finger;
  • thumb and index finger;
  • right and left index finger;
  • right and left middle finger;
  • right and left compressed middle and index fingers.

fingers must reach deep into the middle of the mouth.Typically the fingers come up to the first joint, but it depends on the length of the fingers and mouth size.Experiment with the above options and pick the most convenient for you.


  • Nails sent not directly, but inward, toward the center of the language;
  • stuck in the fingers should firmly pressed lips.

Step 3. Without

language The most important thing in the whistle - remove language.It needs to be pulled back so that the language conies almost touching the bottom of the mouth.From the tip of the tongue to the lower front teeth should be no more than a centimeter.The upper teeth and tongue at the right position will create a flow of air.When this flow will fall on the bevel, turn the whistle.

Step 4. Blow

you experimented with the position of the fingers and tongue, and now make a big breath and gently Blow.I should get a low a low whistle.At that time, when you blow, try to "find" the language of the correct position, place the greatest volume of your whistle.Ideally, piercing should get clear sound.

only hands-free!How to learn to whistle without fingers

Step 1. tucked lips

position is the same as in the whistling with fingers.Lips strongly folded the inside.And, if the support is achieved in the previous process with the fingers, in this case, this function is performed by the muscles of the jaw and the lips.Especially hard it is to cuddle the lower lip.If at first you do not succeed - "put" the lips to the desired position with your fingers and then remove them.

Step 2. Remove the tongue

language clean so that it "floats" in the mouth.Unlike the whistle with the fingers, in this case the distance to the lower teeth can be reduced.

Step 3: when the wind blows and whistles

Take a deep breath and exhale the air - in the beginning it will go under the tongue, after which will be held between the tongue and teeth and come out with a whistle.Try "the whistle" various provisions of the language, the slope of the jaw, the force of exhalation.Listen to get sound: at first you will only hear the air coming out, but over time it will begin to break and clear whistle.

If you are interested in the example of experience, you can learn how to whistle, video to this article with a "whistler" master-classes will help you.