How to learn to run fast ?

How to learn to run fast ?

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How to learn to run fast?

Running - a great sport, and it helps to lose weight, and strengthen all muscle groups at once.So, if you decide to do with the figure, running - the first step to success.However, you should be able to run, for maximum effect, many trainers recommend alternate between slow and fast running, and if the first task is subject to all, then the second can cause problems.This article will talk about how to learn to run fast.


start learning fast running you need to develop a small distance, for example, the classic hundred meters.The main point here - jogging develop leg strength.Coaches are recommended for the development of the ability of the following exercises:

  1. Jumping on the bench.This exercise is carried out in quick succession, without any delays on the bench or on the ground.At the same time the jump to be performed simultaneously by two feet.
  2. jumping weight.Take a dumbbell (you should start with the minimum weights), press them down to the shoulders and sit down, and then suddenly jump out.Try to jump as high as possible, that there are forces pushing off from the ground.
  3. Running with raised legs.This exercise, like the first, carried out in quick succession.Make sure that your knees to reach the chest.
  4. Running with tie-shin.Again - at a rapid pace.Trail to reach the heels buttocks.

Faster, further, stronger

If you do not want to stop there and do not want to run fast 100 meters, and say, kilometer of the above exercise is not enough, you also need to develop endurance.For the development of endurance are ideal long walks or jogging long distances.In addition, the following programs are recommended:

  1. Jogging on the ground with a slope.You need to find a site area, which has a small lift and "cross" it from 20 minutes to one and a half hours.At the same time, make sure that that was done about 30 steps in 20 seconds.
  2. running alternately.Here you need to find the area with flat areas and steep climbs.It is desirable that while jogging on the flat portion of the equal time runs obliquely.Of course, the ideal conditions for a jog - a treadmill, because it allows you to specify the appropriate settings.However, the treadmill gives a large load on the knees, and therefore engage in it should be only in special shoes.

Some misconceptions

Many believe that the security of fast running - big steps, it is fundamentally not true.The main thing in the race - correct posture and minimal "bouncing".Another misconception - frequent sharp breath.Remember!Breathing should always be kept under control, knocked the breath - tired!Many trainers recommend the technique of "two breaths - two exhalation", this rate allows not to strain excessively diaphragm.

Here, perhaps, and all recommendations.As you can see, they are simple, so that, if desired, anyone can learn to run long and fast.However, be sure to consult a doctor and check if not contraindicated if you like this kind of load.

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