How to learn quickly to speak ?

How to learn quickly to speak ?

While studying in school, many students want to master information.This includes not only a good memory, but the ability, at the right time, without embarrassment to show off knowledge.For information on how to learn to speak quickly, how to develop articulation apparatus, we will consider.

Articulation: a clear and fast

in the articulation apparatus is clarity, intelligibility, and only then, the speed.To this end, developed special gymnastics and exercises.Now look at some strenuous movements of the tongue and lips, with which you will see how quickly learn to speak.

First try to get tongue tip of the nose and chin, as happens.Do these exercises unchallenging: turn language into a tube, like a child pogrimasnichayte, smiling broadly in front of a mirror.And, here's another exercise - "proboscis".Make a sponge with a kiss, pulling them forward.Drive with such a proboscis around and in different directions.

And, of course, learn some tongue twisters.Carefully articulating all sounds, increase the casting speed.Make emphasis on the consonants and resonant sounds.

Examples eloquence

most striking example of the speech metamorphosis in ancient times, it is a Greek orator Demosthenes.Tongue-tied, with a weak voice man by hard training, he became a famous public speaker.His famous stones in the cheek, loud reading aloud, work on facial expressions in the mirror, and other ways to exercise, contribute to such radical changes.And, today, a television presenter said the fastest?

Of course, the most bystrogovoryaschey leading Russian television is Tina Kandelaki.So we decided to viewers who participated in the survey.Moreover, Tina has become such only through hard work on himself.She did not just accept that actively struggled with speech disabilities with exercise.And now is a powerful intellectual charge in those programs, which are conducted.

Learning child quickly talk

How to teach a child to speak quickly, how to stimulate language development?Such questions confront all parents.The main thing is to pay attention to your child, repeat after him the sounds and syllables.Teaching short words, such as "thank you", "please" and "give" do not react to his gestures: his outstretched hand or a nod of the head.Learn to imitate animals, treating them in a book.Sing children's songs, playing with blocks, ball, cars, dolls.

It's quite simple techniques, using which it is possible to achieve good development in the speech apparatus.