How to learn fast typing ?

How to learn fast typing ?

Nowadays, you will not manage without a good computer knowledge.However, a program of knowledge is not enough.It should also be able to quickly print.Here all users can be divided into 2 categories.The first 3-4 fingers typing while looking at the keyboard.Such a majority.This method of recruitment is very slow.Three fingers is a big load.If you type text on a daily basis so that we can make joint disease, not to mention the fact that you will spend a lot of time typing.The second category of people is typing blind and uses with all 10 fingers.They do not need to look at the keyboard - eyes just do not have time to track down all the fingers.Such set may blind each and learn at any age.The basic principle of a set of blind is that for each of the 10 fingers attached to certain key characters - their own area of ​​the keyboard.The learning process comes down to muscle memory training fingers.So as soon as your fingers will remember your keys, you can print without looking at the keyboard.

How to learn fast typing?Program simulator for ten-set will help you blindly.You can buy this program to disk.But if you face the question of how to learn fast typing for free, you can download the program on the Internet.Here, for example, a link to a free and effective simulator Stamina.You can also find many other free and paid training programs on the network.It's enough to write a search engine query: "how quickly learn to type, download the program."

After working with the simulator and training costs a bit of time, you will master the blind printing for life.Another option is to learn fast typing - online learning.You do not have to download and install the program on your computer, you will be able to study in real time.Online training blind method of printing you will be able to pass by registering on this website.

How to learn fast typing?Useful tips

  • Landing housing.It is also important, as you sit at the computer.Pick a comfortable swivel chair or a chair with a back.Sitting is necessary so that the angles between the back and hip, as well as between the femur and tibia were 90 degrees.Sitting should be straight, without tilting your head.Look straight in the center of the monitor.The distance from the monitor to eye can be 40-70 cm.
  • The correct position of the hands and fingers.The starting position of the fingers should be located above the keys with the letters FYVA (left hand) and OLDZH (right hand).These letters are most often used when writing texts.Please note that the keys A and D are special tabs, so you can focus on your keyboard blindly.The fingers should be relaxed, should not feel the tension, otherwise you quickly get tired.
  • During exercise looking at the screen and not the keyboard as if you wanted to.Over time, your fingers will remember the key, and you will not have a desire to control the work of your fingers look.Be sure to use only the correct fingers for a set of specific keys as noted in the training exercise.Your goal - to achieve automaticity.It will come faster than you think.Do not run initially for high speed.When printing, imagine where this symbol on your keyboard.Development of the ring finger and little fingers of both hands require special attention, as these fingers are less developed than others.
  • Remember that it is necessary to train regularly.Get yourself, such as a diary in electronic form, in which each day write short texts.Also, you will be useful to communicate in ICQ, forums, etc.When you achieve automaticity, and can develop greater speed dial.

Here are some recommendations on how to learn fast typing.Good luck!