How to rock out at home?

How to rock out at home?

is widely believed that the domestic training in the construction of a beautiful, seductive body, akin to shooting at sparrows with a cannon - a lot of noise and a little confused.Indeed, muscle training at home you do not get to be famous bodybuilder, but do yourself aesthetically attractive "whip-Badi ', simultaneously receiving a bunch of bonuses, such as better health, a daily charge of vivacity and excellent fitness, more than real.Let's talk how to rock out at home, in order to achieve all of these positive results.

How to train at home

Note the word "right".Yes, that's right, and not just "as it is necessary", if you want to achieve results, and, say, even to build muscle at home for 2 weeks.That is, taking into account the mode, the goal of training and everything else that is needed.So, how to exercise at home?To do this, you will need your own weight and some auxiliary devices: horizontal bar, collapsible dumbbells, yoga mat.That's enough to fully work out all the muscles in your body.

defines the purpose of training

How to train at home, depends on what you want to achieve.In other words, define your goal and choose the training program accordingly to it.

  • Want to lose weight: your choice - cardio workout at home.
  • Would you like to become stronger and vividly, respectively, pay more attention to weight training at home.

training mode home

  • Since almost all training is reduced to work with its own weight, your body will not require such a long time to recover, as is the case if you load it in the gym.
  • Also remember, even training with dumbbells at home (quite weighty dumbbells) are not able to truly "score" your muscles when training takes place just on time.Therefore, we recommend that you deal with, if possible, on a daily basis.
  • Choose one and the same time of day for training (eg in the evening).
  • Spread on weekdays, when some muscles will produce a load (such as Monday - shoulders, arms, back, Tuesday - back, buttocks, legs, etc.).Record this chart, hang, and follow him.

Choosing an exercise program

If your goals are more serious than the banal desire to do morning exercises, do not make the typical mistake and entered into a search engine phrase like "program with a dumbbell workouts at home."So you're almost guaranteed to engage, if not throw the second day, on the 3rd.But using the same Internet, you can use the latest programs and achievements of the world's leading fitness experts.Video training courses, like P90X or Insanity, is a real gem distance fitness coaching.And it's not only that the video demonstrates the proper technique for exercise, every time making an amendment to the level of your training.Priceless is that such courses flavored with much-needed portion of motivation that will allow you to continue employment with the ever-increasing enthusiasm.Look on youtube video diaries of ordinary users of similar fitness systems.Do not worry, you can also.

How not to give up training

no secret that one of the main arguments of the opponents of the home is the lack of training in traditional building motivating atmosphere and surroundings, inherent fitness center.Here you can not argue at home is much easier to agree with himself on the bill to postpone or reschedule bodybuilding workout at home or quit altogether classes, citing lack of time.It should be remembered that such a "deal with the devil" just banal manifestation of sloth, and to deal with it, as always, can be only one way - to ignite the flames of interest.Think of the emotions that you will experience, feeling the envious glances during a beach walk.Engage with your friends, compete with them in a number of push-ups and dropped kilograms.Challenge yourself, check yourself for strength.And remember sometimes a magic word - "must".Nobody said that the training of muscles at home easier than in the hall.