How to train ?

How to train ?

Sport is an effective means of strengthening the entire body.Many people want to be slim, toned, healthy body and begin to visit a sports or fitness room.But to a great regret classes may not give the desired results, so many cease to be engaged and completely disillusioned with the sport.To avoid such a failure, you need to know what rules must be followed and you need to pay attention.In this article, we'll show you how to train.

effective training

To achieve good results, you must adhere to the rules of training, due to which the body becomes strong, inflated and flexible.Most people want to get almost instant results just after a few sessions.So you should immediately take into account that only after one or two months, you can get rid of the shortcomings of the figure and give it a nice shape.

So any exercise, whether it is simple or shaping power loads in the gym, the following principles:

  • regular and intensive training;
  • workout, warm up the muscles, and then the power load;
  • gradual load - from easy to difficult.

talk in more detail about each item.

  1. If you decide to seriously work out, try not to miss classes.Also, do not get too zealous with classes as needed throughout the golden mean.Many wonder how often to exercise.There is no single answer, yet professionals are advised to give physical exercise at least one hour three times a week.But the best way to listen to your body, to realize how much often you need to deal with, and of course you need to consider the age and physical condition.In general, if you come for the first time in the gym, the coach will help you to create a personalized training program, which should give the desired result.For example, some want to gain weight and build muscle, while others on the contrary - to lose weight, but to make the body fit.
  2. Any workout should start with a warm-up muscles.You can use an exercise bike or treadmill, you can also make running in place.In the warm-up should leave about 10 minutes, during which time you need to get 150 heart beats per minute.Only a well-warmed up, you can begin their studies with training and stretching.If
  3. immediately begin a complex exercise, there is a risk to break or pull the muscles, which is very painful and it will not allow you to continue to do.In addition, do not just do a lot of approaches.In the first lesson, do 10-15 repetitions of exercises and increase their number in the subsequent.If you are at the gym, at the end of training, you can work out on a treadmill.It is well suited for those who still have power, or vice versa - is already tired to drag the iron, but the workout has not yet happened.Also do not forget to take a break of 1-2 minutes between exercises.

How to eat

In order to exercise to be effective, you need to watch your diet.You must eat food rich in carbohydrates.If you want to lose weight, then two hours before exercise can drink juice or eat puree.

If you want to build muscle, you need to eat after class protein food.And if the training takes place in the evening and you want to lose weight, it is best to confine vegetables.Also during the session will not take more than a small amount of water.


  • Some women are afraid to sweat during a workout, but do not worry, because sweating - is a natural process of the body.In addition, sweating is a sure sign that you are losing weight.
  • bright makeup.Girls and women should not apply a large amount of makeup on your face if you are going to the gym - potekshaya mascara Do you enjoy unlikely.Besides it is necessary to abandon the use of perfumes and aromatic oils.
  • Repeat the same exercises every day on the same muscle group.It is necessary to rest the muscles for at least 2 days, and at that time to train others.
  • Each time a change of exercise.If you do every time to do the exercises on different muscle groups, the result is likely to be no.To get relief, you need to periodically give the load a particular muscle group.

If you choose to study at home, the rules that are given in the article How to train at home, you will be very helpful.