How to develop endurance ?

How to develop endurance ?

In ancient times, the races were held for short and long distances.It was a good test of the athlete endurance and stamina.Athlete endured all the hardships of the race with the hope to get a hot crown winner.After winning one of these races on a distance of 4 kilometers athlete ran home to tell relatives about his victory.He ran on the day of 110 kilometers.Here is the endurance!Let's see how to develop endurance, to strengthen the body and prepare it for long-term loads.

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Maybe you feel that endurance is not necessary for you personally?Do not think that it is useful to athletes, soldiers and policemen.There are situations in life where endurance can play a decisive role.And outwardly tough man pulled up, it does not lose weight, he has a good musculature and a straight posture.There are changes inside the human.The composition of blood appear more red blood cells that delivers oxygen to the body;increase lung capacity;It strengthens the heart muscle;improving the respiratory muscles.Seeing the positive aspects of endurance, it is important to understand how to develop endurance and that her direct.

We have already understood that stamina - it is a person's ability to do any hard work for a long time.And each person has their own endurance.Someone could easily run 10 km, and someone -. 1 km.and no more.Someone turns the clock to perform monotonous work, and someone needed a change activities every hour.So, let us consider how we can develop endurance, but we approach this individual.

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Earlier we talked about long-distance running.Drinking this kind of dual sport.Many consider it an extreme sport and sports prefer walking.But if you're a fan of running, do not forget to run slowly and evenly breathe, refrain from drinking and give 100%.This is your answer to the question of how to develop endurance.

Newcomers better to start with light objects.For example, a jump rope.It develops almost all the muscles of the body, does not require a lot of time, allows you to stay home and gradually increase the load.If the minute you "jump" over 100 times, you're a hardy people.

winter - skiing, skating, sledge.During the summer - swimming, biking.Main - regularity and measure.After a few weeks you will see results.

Do not forget about the gym, which is available all year round.But first, determine your level of athletic training.For example, a nurse or a Pass on the bike as much as you can until you feel tired.Check your results and lift each workout load level, to improve the previous results.Keep a journal and compare their achievements.

Someone sauna may seem a good opportunity to develop endurance.This is a controversial issue, but patience certainly increase.

Another try push-ups.This is one of the best ways of endurance.

And most importantly - is a healthy lifestyle.All the bad habits will hinder your success.Fight with them first, and then move on to physical stress.Otherwise you may hurt yourself badly.A healthy frame of mind you!