How to develop it ?

How to develop it ?

make a good impression by the beautiful clothes today is not difficult, but it is not enough.To a large extent it will be appreciated the ability to speak.It is necessary to think about how to develop it.A person who knows how to correctly and beautifully to speak, it is easier to hit the target, to reach a compromise, adapt to new circumstances.

first steps to improving speech

There are plenty of tips on how to develop the right speech.To get started using some of them:

  • necessary to get rid of the obscene words and non-literary ( "wow", "cool") expressions.Throw in a word-parasites ( "Well", "short", "in general").You will be cultured.
  • Control your emotions.Not worth much to gesticulate while talking.This gives credibility and increases the level of trust.You will be taken.
  • Speak slowly, simple phrases.You will be heard.
  • Observe the optimal rate of speech.Take your time and do not tighten phrase.Avoid monotony.Emphasize highlights a short pause.You'll be understood.

will not be easy at first.Need an incentive.Set yourself a fine for violation of these rules and the promotion of good conversation.

How to develop a competent speech?

cope with the first stage of the development of speech, proceed to the second:

  • Read, read and read again.Especially classics.Aloud.Slowly.This will help to build a beautiful and shapely sentence.
  • Try to use in his speech idioms, proverbs, metaphors.First - one per day, then - at each dialog.They will add liveliness and colorful.
  • Repeat aloud all that said on the radio or on television favorite announcer.This charging for the speech apparatus.

How to develop it?

successfully overcome the first two stages does not give the right to consider himself an orator.You are welcome to the third grade.It's time to apply the acquired skills into practice.But it is worth remembering a couple more tips:

  • In a conversation, try to find a place joke.Brings interlocutors and relieves stress.Especially effective at the beginning of the conversation (the entry).
  • Do not try to force the other party themes that are of interest only to you.Otherwise speech culture will be crushed uncultured behavior.
  • Do not be overconfident and do not count interlocutor worse prepared.This kills the good communication.

If not all, most of the advice on how to develop speech of an adult, we have reviewed.Patiently doing, it is possible to achieve acceptable results already after a few months.Even after some time (strictly personal) Your speech will find his own style.It will be recognized as handwriting.That it will help you get a new job, to convince someone that they are right, change someone's point of view.Beautiful speech - it is a weapon that can not be taken away.