How to develop a blow ?

How to develop a blow ?

strikes blow capacity depends, generally speaking, two different factors.The first - a force that is embedded in the movement of the hand (if we're talking about how to develop a punch), the second - the synchronization driving directions hands and the rest of the body.When applied correctly to the point of impact of its application, passed the whole body momentum.Therefore, if at the moment of hitting the hand is not strained (to ensure a rigid connection with the case), or if the hand and the body will move in different directions, then the bounce will come.

Participation muscles

Regardless of the type of impact, its power is generated not only the muscles of hands and chest.To jumpstart the body sufficient to perform the bounce, reducing perform the leg muscles, giving the movement throughout the body and waist muscles, which give additional movement of the upper half of the body.

Put kick

kick it can be considered delivered correctly when in a critical situation, a person can do it on the reflex level, not thinking about the performance of the technique.

Total learning the impact the scheme is as follows:

  • First forgets the sequence of muscle contractions to strike.Only after all the master stroke technique, you can proceed to the second point.
  • next step for how to develop the impact speed, the acceleration is unlearning movements.To run this exercise with aggravating shells.If you go to this step before you are 100% grasp of the technique, you can put a blow completely wrong.A relearn very difficult in such a situation.
  • Synchronization hand movements with the other parts of the body.
  • Exercises with pear.

Sport coach

in how to develop a blow effectively and relatively quickly (in any case for storing the movement will take at least several months), will have the invaluable help competent coach.A good specialist, firstly, can assess how well placed your punch, and point out all the errors, if necessary.Secondly, he knows how to form in his student the right state of mind.And this is a very important factor, since learning anything should be done, being in the right mental state.In this state, the memory including muscular, can learn new information with a high efficiency.

exercises force

As for how to develop the force of impact, it is necessary to perform various physical exercises that improve muscle tone and mass, used in the hit.These exercises include push-ups (including their "weighted" options: on the one hand, with bouncing, fist), "chopping wood", and abdominal exercises.