How do you stretch ?

How do you stretch ?

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How do you stretch?

Stretching or stretching - it is a very popular exercise, which is a beneficial effect on different muscle groups.But before you start to stretch, you need to know about the rules of the standard warm-up.

Workout for

muscles Before exercise must be thoroughly warm up the muscles.This will save you from sprains.

Exercises that should be included in the warm-up:

  • Jumping rope (10 minutes);
  • Mahi feet (20 times on one leg and 20 on the other);
  • Running (15 minutes);
  • Jerks hands (10 minutes);
  • circular movements of the head (5 minutes);
  • Squats (50 times);
  • slopes 3 sets with a break of 10 seconds (20 times in each direction).

Many people want to get an excellent stretch after the first session.But quickly make an extension, as well as exercises to master the technique for it, will not work.In order to get a long-term and high-quality result, you need to stretch slowly, slowly, slowly and smoothly.If you overdo it on the first day, you can get a sprain.

Stretching legs

consider how to stretch the legs.This will not only make the muscles more flexible, but also visually transform legs, making them slimmer.

first exercise

  1. Feet need to place on the shoulder width apart.Hands in the free position.
  2. Then slowly drag to socks legs.You should feel tension in the muscles.Repeat 20 times the action.
  3. necessary to carefully monitor breathing.When the slopes breath should alternate with exhalation.

Legs should be diluted so widely second exercise

  1. , to the best of your ability, but so as not to feel the pain.Hands should be crossed on his chest.
  2. is followed to perform slowly forwards.Your goal is to touch the floor with your elbows.It is necessary to make a few sets of 10-12 times.Over time you will set foot wider, and elbows will go down lower and lower.

third exercise - "Butterfly┬╗

  1. to perform need to sit down on the floor, bend your knees, keep your feet together.In this position, open your legs as much as possible and try to touch the floor with your knees.
  2. perform exercises on the breath, as you exhale, lift your knees need.Keep your knees in the floor should be 30 seconds.Thereafter, a short break in 20-25 seconds and repeat the exercise again.

In order to make a good stretch of the legs, you need at least three months of daily training.We recommend that you read the article How useful do the splits.

On the Internet you can also watch a video about how to make a banner.For illustrative example, all will become much clearer and more understandable.

Stretching the muscles of the chest

best way to stretch the chest are normal push-ups.However, they need to perform so that the legs and torso are in different planes.

  1. Make emphasis lying, and put his feet on the bench.
  2. inhale perform push-ups, lift the body on the exhale.Work only with his hands.If you can not control the legs (slide or involuntarily tense muscles), ask someone to hold them in the ankle area.
  3. Try to keep your hands wider than shoulder width, and when it touches the floor-feeding is delayed, as much as possible by stretching the muscles.
  4. Exercise should be done in 3 sets of 10-12 times at intervals of one minute.

Stretching the neck muscles

need to know to perform stretching exercises for the neck, that this region is divided into two triangles - the front and rear.Exercises to stretch both areas is extremely simple:

  1. Keep hands in the lock on the back of his head and starts to press his hands and his head as if try to counteract the pressure.
  2. Zaprokinte head (not maximum).Again pinch hands in the castle, but on the forehead.Do the same steps as in the first paragraph.

Perform each exercise for 3 sets for each zone for 30 seconds.

To complete overview on system stretching exercises recommended to read the article How to stretch your back.