How to become a sports ?

How to become a sports ?

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How to become a sports?

Perhaps every woman wants to be sporty and taut, to pay attention to the man, do not hesitate to remove outer clothing on the beach to a friend kindly envied.Anyway have a beautiful body you should try at any age.But for that you must use physical exercises and workouts to constantly work on yourself.How to do it yourself without much material and moral cost?


best kind of training for dropping extra kilos is running.In addition, you will significantly improve the overall condition of your body, increase the tone of the heart muscle natreniruete feet.Just jogging should be regularly and without fanaticism.Better, at first, to carry out jogging less than an hour - in the morning or in the evening - alternating with brisk walking.A nice bonus for classes - the surrounding nature (park, lake, Boulevard Park) and good mood.


This is the most enjoyable sport for weight loss and body shaping.When swimming is loaded with a large number of muscles are not injured bones and joints.In addition, we can get more positive emotions, because the water - the element from which we all came to be.Enroll in a nearby swimming pool, summer use every opportunity to swim in the river, lake, sea.Do not forget about the regularity: It is recommended to swim three times a week for an hour.To learn what other types of sports to choose to practice, read our article How do sport to lose weight.


To become taut and athletic, follow these simple exercises like: rocking the press, squats, push-ups and pull-up on the bar.They are also effective in the short term to help tighten the figure.The main thing - without fanaticism and regularly carry them out (you can even a small number, but several times a day).And then the result will be reached.Read more about this in the article How to swing at home.

A few more tips

  • necessary to defeat a sense of laziness, since implementing the lessons at home is always a lot of reasons for which they can be canceled or postponed for tomorrow.Nurture the strength of will, hang your course schedule in a prominent place held in a circle of friends - all this encourages regular exercise.
  • Do not forget about proper balanced diet.Without it, it is impossible to "build" the body.Now there are plenty of tips on how not to consume extra calories.Use of at least one of them.