How to clean the sides of the hoop ?

How to clean the sides of the hoop ?

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How to clean the sides of the hoop?

In the struggle for the perfect body is all good.But often to get rid of the most problematic areas, namely the sides, all did not succeed.At this point, many remembered about the hoop.After all, even at school, we were told that this sports simulator can be of immense benefit not only health, but also the figure.Therefore, many women are wondering whether it is possible to remove the side by a hoop, and if so, how best to do it.

Choosing the right hoop

Regular classes with the trainer could substantially change the shape.But before you look for the answer to the question whether the sides of the hoop is clear, you must determine the type of the required simulator.Today on the shelves you can see its three different types: plastic, iron and hulahup who has special roller insert on its inner parts.

Plastic wrap should not be used.He has a small weight and is more suitable for children.It is better to give preference to either conventional rail simulator, or else hulahupu.

Hulahup different from the usual hoop not only by special inserts, but also its form.It is wider, heavier.During rotation hulahup not only kneads fat on the sides, thus helping to reduce them, but also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Remove the sides wrap: effective exercises

Even if you just twist the hoop for 15 minutes a day, you can get rid of excess centimeters.But there are special exercises, about which few people know, and in fact their implementation will not only help get rid of the sides, but also make the whole body more fit.Such exercises are many, but the most effective are the following:

  1. «Rotation of yoga."Feet together, hands behind his head laid.It is necessary to turn the simulator at the waist by 88 times in each direction.Start with 2 repetitions, gradually bringing them up to 50. Care should be taken then to the stomach was not just drawn and tense as much as possible during class.
  2. «Boom».The initial position is the same as in the first routine.Just after the start of the rotation should get up on your toes and lift your hands up over your head as much as possible and put them in his hands.This exercise is the most effective: doing it every day for 10 minutes, it is possible to reduce the volume for the month on the sides 4-8 cm
  3. «cycle of the planets.".Not as effective as the previous exercise, in this case it is more complicated.It is necessary to arrange the legs slightly narrower than shoulder width apart, hands behind his head and take hold them to the castle.During slow rotation hoop necessary, without stopping the entire body start to rotate to the right.As a result, such a rotation of the hoop should last for 5 minutes.The minute is given to rest, and everything is repeated again, but the rotation of the body and the hoop is carried out in the opposite direction.

As you can see, remove the sides is not too difficult with the help of the hoop.The main thing - keep in mind that employment in the first month should be daily, then they should be done in a day.Minimum training time is 10 minutes.Later, when there will be mastered all the exercises, they can be combined, improving the effectiveness of training.