How to measure the body?

How to measure the body?

In this article we will talk about proper measurement of various parameters of the body.You will learn how to measure the volume of the body - the hips, waist, thigh, chest and other body parts.I also tell you about how to measure body weight, to be exact - that this should be borne in mind that the result turned out to be as accurate as possible.We will start with the parameters that are measured in centimeters:

  • waist,
  • hips,
  • chest,
  • foot size, etc.

How to measure body

Let's start with the "problem" for many people, especially women, size - waist.For a rough estimate of the size of the waist should be borne in mind that the waist is usually about 3 cm longer than the waist skirt, which fits snugly belly.Although more accurate measurement (if necessary) is better to take a pleasant strip of body tissue and measure the waist without clothes, and then refine results by measuring tape, stretching the strip on it.At the same time when measuring keep the tape is not too tight but not too loose.Now, how to measure the body parameters, such as the hips and thigh.Hips measured as follows: the legs are brought together, and tape measure should be held on the most convex part of the buttocks.Here again - for more accuracy better perform measurements without clothes.As for the amount of thigh, the tape measure is applied to the uppermost part of the thigh - where it merges with the buttock.As for the breast volume, traditionally it is measured on the most convex part of the breast.Now let's talk about how to properly measure the length of the foot.

How to measure body - stop

To make accurate measurements, we need an assistant.To start you need to put the foot on a piece of paper (not just in the shoe, and in thin socks) and move her body weight.Next, the assistant should outline the contour of the foot, but so that there were no allowances that is necessary to select the pencil as close as possible to the foot.The resulting circuit is measured at the most distant points of the foot in a straight line.Incidentally, many shoe manufacturers in labeling their products use this particular option, only rounded up to 0.5 cm. So, if your foot length is 21.8 cm, it should be rounded up to 22 cm. 21.7 cm, too, may be roundedup to 22 cm, as little more than a large shoe is better than cramped.But for measurement to be measured completeness shoe girth foot in two places: first, in the lift, and secondly - in the metatarsus-phalanx articulation, ie draw a diagonal line along the base of the fingers.This measuring tape should be applied to the foot as closely as possible.The volume of the foot - no less important than its length, because walking is not less unpleasant than the short in the tight shoes.However, the choice of a particular model is made, rather, the sensations, but, nevertheless, aware of their options is sometimes very useful.And a few words about how to correctly measure the weight - or rather, the body weight.

How to measure body weight

To do this, you just need to stand on the scales and after some time to look at the result - as soon as it locks into place.However, to obtain more accurate figures better than repeat the procedure, as is not always the first weighing is 100% accurate - may be differences in the couple of hundred grams, and sometimes even on the shelves.This is explained by the fact that on the scale we are not always smooth and easy.Some even weighed and three times in cases where the scale shown in the first two approaches, the result is different.Also, be sure to remove your shoes and extra clothing to weigh.To obtain the most accurate data on the weight of your body is best weighed in their underwear or completely naked.By the way: the right to say no weight, and weight.Weight - the value measured entirely in other units - in Newtons.And in kilograms and grams is measured after all the masses, but with common usage of words is already difficult to do something, so we brought him, too.