How to store boat PVC ?

How to store boat PVC ?

material such as polyvinyl chloride, is strong enough compared to ordinary rubber, from which previously manufactured fishing boats.Long-term preservation of these progenitors pvc boat was only possible using baby powder or talcum powder at a relatively gentle temperature conditions.

Super material

modern material is positioned as a super durable (as a result of the reinforcement of multi-layer PVC has a high degree of resistance to cuts and punctures, abrasion), loyal to the high and low temperature (stated threshold from -45 to +50 degrees Celsius).About how to choose pvc boat, read our material PVC Which boat is better.

Thus, in theory, pvc boat storage in winter is possible in almost any unheated garage or shed.Is it practical?


  1. How did keep pvc boat at home?At temperatures below zero degrees is not recommended to expand and collapse the boat, as the material itself pvc markedly "dubeet".This is best done when the temperature room.But at minus fifteen, for example, there may be creases tissue, leading to irreversible processes, even with subsequent heating PVC.So the boat storing them at room temperature (at least 15).And then already folded, it can continue to be stored at very low winter temperatures.
  2. next foe - garage heater or open flame.You can not even bring the boat already folded close to its source.PVC can be heated up, and come back deformation of the material.
  3. Another danger - rodents living in a garage, shed, closet.By itself, PVC, as an artificial material, it is not interesting.But the boat can be still on hand in the bread crumbs, the remains of bait, fish scales.And then there is probably damage to the material, together with this food for hungry rodents.

Preparing for

  • storage First you must thoroughly wash the boat pumped before winter.You can use the mini-sink, and it is possible - an ordinary rag and a bucket of water.It is advisable to use detergents, but you can do and soap.What matters is that your boat has gained pristine brilliance and purity.
  • next step - drying.It is possible to be complete - and the outside, and inside the boat.It is necessary to examine the material, and the bottom for damage and remove available.
  • Only then pvc boat can be folded on the recommendations of the instructions and storing them in the winter.