Fungus on the walls : how to get rid of?

Fungus on the walls : how to get rid of?

Mould - a source of many dangerous diseases of the body.And so to be in the room affected by the fungus, in any case impossible.Since the pest is necessary to fight as soon as the first signs of its presence - in this case, a successful outcome is more likely.

What is important to know about mold?

  • If mildew managed to hit the surface at all its depth, then get rid of it can only delete the infected sample.To do this, of course, should only professionals.
  • When you remove the fungus is important to secure protection.In particular, a face mask to avoid inhaling fluttering in the process of mold pores.
  • In the room where the mold is removed, should be very good ventilation.

Get rid of the mildew on the walls for as long a period, or even permanently, you can only determine the cause of its occurrence.In the list of the most "popular" factors causing the appearance of treacherous spots on the walls, the ceiling, the floor are the following:

  • bad hydro, thermal insulation of walls, ceilings;
  • ground moisture;
  • poor condition of sewage water (leaking pipes, the formation of condensate on them);
  • poor ventilation in the room;
  • leaks in the gutter.

If there is at least one of these problems, the risk of / returning mold will always remain.

We remove mildew stains


to work you will need:

  • protective suit and mask, gloves;
  • rough metal brush;
  • brush or container with spray;
  • remedy for mold.

How to remove mold?

better choose a professional anti-mold chemicals:

  • Fungicides, which include boron;
  • Paints silicone resin, silicate paints, as well as fungicides and dispersion paints.They should be applied to the primer coated surface;
  • coats with antibacterial, antifungal activity.

Traditional methods of using, for example, vinegar, are not as effective.So do not give long-term and high-quality result.

How to remove mold: User

  1. Check whether the leaves from the walls of plaster in places of fungal spots.Simply prostuchite wall.If any place will hear a dull sound, then plaster the damaged spot of dampness.It is necessary to remove the "sick" snippet and replace it with a new one.
  2. Next contaminated surface and adjacent area (within a radius of at least 1 meter) coat with a brush or spray tool against mold.Clearly follow the instructions for the product you purchased.Avoid getting on skin, clothing, home furnishings and so forth.
  3. To remove mildew, go over it with a wire brush tough.For convenience, you can use a drill with a special brush attachment.At this point it is particularly important to close the face with a mask and ventilate the room.It is also important to exclude the presence in the room where cleaning is carried out by a fungus, a variety of things, furniture, etc., Because the pores just sit on these things, infecting them.If you remove things from the room can not be completely, carefully close them with polyethylene.Last will be better disposed of after use.

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