How can I see the ants from the garden ?

How can I see the ants from the garden ?

Many gardeners are struggling with garden ants, not because they are harmful to plant fruits, but because they build nests in inappropriate places and plant aphids, which adversely affects the fruit plants.The article says about how to bring the ants from the site.

In order to bring the ants from the garden you must have patience.

There are several ways to help the garden to get rid of ants, namely:

  • hot water;
  • salt water;
  • odors;
  • sunflower oil;
  • Soda (vinegar) solution;
  • digging earth;
  • tablets;
  • adhesive tape;
  • bait;
  • hot ash.

Hot water

first need to remove the top layer of a shovel anthill.On the surface of the earth will see the ant hole.They should be a hose to pour hot water as long as the water will not go back from the norm.Then you need a little compacted ground with a shovel.


should be dissolved in water 500 grams of salt and pour the solution into an ant-hill and around.Thus the ants will not get into your home and can not get out of it.


There are smells that can not tolerate ants, namely the smell of tomato leaves, spoiled lemon, clove, sage, garlic, parsley, wild mint.In order to get the ants out of the greenhouse, you can throw around the perimeter of the plants, and insects themselves will leave the territory.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil left after frying - it's a great way to deal with ants.Simply pour the remaining oil in the anthill.

Soda (vinegar) solution

soda or vinegar and allow to bring the garden ants.Mix baking soda or vinegar with water, based on the proportion of 3 tablespoons per gallon of water and pour the solution into the anthill.Also, the solution can be poured the track on which the running ants.

digging earth

Display garden ants from the garden will help frequent earth digging, especially the place where the ants are building your house.


With tablets "moth" or small "Masha" can bring garden ants in the country.To do this you must prepare them to treat: Mix five grams of yeast, honey and dissolved pill poison and decompose near the anthill.

Adhesive Tape

can wrap the trunks with adhesive tape and stick to it will not only tracks but also ants and aphids.


in garden stores you can buy special tools bait that will help get rid of ants.

hot ash

Dilute a small fire near the anthill and ants pour hot ash.

Experts recommend starting output of ants in the late autumn, in late October - early November, because at this time they will not be able to build a new ant hill and they will have to look for a new shelter.Snowy winter with subsequent melting of snow finally destroy the ants.