How to survive in prison ?

area and a prison - a few different concepts.People who are in prison, has not yet been convicted, they could not bear the final sentence, and many of them are still hoping for a miracle.Relations between prisoners is very transparent and clear: products - common for the most part, and one enemy - law enforcement officers, who helped detain.According to the prisoners, it is the people in Pagon, prevent the "correct" the investigation and are bad for the system of protection.

Regarding the area - there are people convicted, each have their own life.Given the fact that the judicial system, in almost all cases depletes the financial capacity of the defendant and his family, the main task is to stay in the area to survive.The condemned is necessary to secure a normal diet and maintaining good physical shape.In fact, for each zone is responsible for itself.

survival methods in the area

Let's see how to survive in the zone and that the need for this.

  • main rule, which should be observed without fail, is the same behavior in prison, as well as before.This does not include services at large, but very meticulously evaluated every action and step.And not only the prisoners, but also those who protect and provide order, form their attitude toward man is by his actions.Given that area sit experienced, well-known the life of the people, any falsehood on the part of the novice will blunder and can fully influence the future.Therefore, it is desirable to pass themselves off as to who was not previously.A couple of times, and will deceive perceived as a serious person, and the consequences in this case are relevant.
  • No need to stand on the sides and intrigue.It is better to live your life and get round variety, the general atmosphere is heating up, the situation.Thus, it is possible to secure a good attitude on the part of supervisors.And that, in a world clearly can not hurt.Over time, you can understand what to expect from this or that person, and what it portends.By choosing a range of communication and, as a whole, must be approached with extreme caution.In the area of ​​any word can be used against you.Such words as "armyachok", "sheep", "bdun", "bezmudy", "Bardach" better and do forget, otherwise you get into trouble.
  • Wondering how to survive in prison, you must, first of all, remember that where you are, and what you are constantly being watched.Those police officers, for example, sympathetic to the prisoners without creating unnecessary problems and noise.The guards often go to a meeting and perform minor requests of people who are different exemplary discipline.Therefore, if a person needs a date with a relative or some thing allowed in prison, the loyal attitude of the guards will be as it is impossible, by the way.We should not forget about the "team fights" in the zone conditions.Security rarely understands who is right and who is wrong.But they pull apart skirmishes and fights and good attitude can help avoid conflict, if not to protect a prisoner from the problems and "raids".

careful selection of words, calm demeanor and common sense - provide safety and peace.