How to survive on the island?

How to survive on the island?

We live in a developed civilization, and virtually no unexplored places in our world.Nevertheless, it is useful to be prepared for extreme situations, because in our lives can happen, anything.So, let's learn how to survive on a desert island, because there are no useless information.

Uninhabited edge

  • The very first thing you need to do - is to settle down.Do you really need your bright mind and sobriety of thought.Do not panic!Panic causes a person to make rash acts, which results will be disappointing.
  • Explore the island.You should know, is there a source of fresh water.In hot conditions, a person can survive without water for more than a day.Then think about the means of communication, may you have one of them.Look for the people on this island suddenly someone there?
  • If you get to the island is not alone, then select a leader to embody the ideas of the group.
  • What is extremely necessary, because it is a fire.Not only does it give you confidence in the future, but will also help to distill water, dry wet clothing, warm and most importantly, to prepare food.
  • Think about accommodation.Try to construct any tent to keep warm at night, and during the day to be in a shelter from the scorching sun.
  • You need something to eat, think about food.But only when other aspects are solved, because human physiology allows him during the week do not eat food, but without water the body can not.Look for berries and edible roots, but do not confuse them with poison.In an extreme case, eat insects, they have a lot of protein, and, by the way, they can become bait, if you decide to go fishing.As a hook, use a small portion of threads, on which there is a spike and strapped it to something that you replace the line.

How to survive on the island: some practical advice

  • not drink seawater!It will not help you, and make it worse.
  • gather up a sufficient amount of dry wood for a fire earlier in the day, so you can warm up at night and scare away wild animals from your tent.
  • If you happen to have a knife, take care of it, now it is your greatest treasure.If you are not so lucky to make it out of materials that you have at hand.
  • And the most important thing!Never give up, and now you are the master of your destiny and your life is only in your hands!