How to cut a circle ?

How to cut a circle ?

Many people enjoy a kind of hobby called origami and crafts out of paper.This is a difficult but very interesting case can be compared with art.To score it admirable need considerable skill, ability and talent.The technique to master the power of almost everyone, but to come up from the paper for something new - a task much more difficult.As they say, first test yourself in a simple setting.For example, cut a perfect circle of paper.To perform the seemingly simple task, you can use a variety of methods.

Cut a circle with a compass

Circle - a perfectly flat figure, from which the city center and to all of its edges the same distance.This distance is called the radius of the circle.If there is a question as to cut out a circle of paper, you can use a fine stationery tool - compass.

This device invented by mankind has the form of two wooden or iron segments interconnected.At one end of such segment is a pencil, and the other - the sharp end.Using this tool, you draw a circle of any size easily.How to cut a circle from a paper scissors, I think, you know.This simple method is suitable to make a preform.

If you want to cut a lot of round billets, take a compass and use it to draw on paper or cardboard flat circle.Then attach the workpiece to the paper or cardboard with scissors or a knife cut the bureaucratic circles.So very quickly you narezhete for themselves the necessary number of round billets.

How exactly cut a circle without a compass

If the hand is not a compass, you can use the method that is often used in teaching applications of children.For this you need a piece of paper and scissors.Take the paper, and if it does not square shape are bent by the edge to form a square.Excess piece cut off.Now bend the square rag in half, so that a triangle.Bend the triangle again, then again.The more of these manipulations, the smoother the edge of the circle are obtained.But we will need two times.Now, take a pair of scissors and cut out the flowing movements along the edge of the arc parts.Expand the item, if done correctly - you will get a perfect circle.The same way cut out snowflakes.

Another ingenious and easy way to cut a perfect circle.This usage patterns.If not, you can use any object round shape (plates, cups).We adjust it to the paper or cardboard, draw out a pencil and cut along the contour of a smooth circle.

If you have a metal stencil, a task made easier because it created a special device to draw a perfect circle.You should attach the stencil to the piece of paper or cardboard and secure his position.You can cut out the circle along the contour of scissors or a knife.The disadvantage of this method is that it is difficult to determine where the center of the circle, and that the pattern could slip out of his seat, and the figure may turn out a scythe.