How to wind the watch ?

How to wind the watch ?

Today wrist mechanical watches - it is very rare, and many do not know how to start them.These watches have already become a rarity, and those rare instances (but still in good condition) that fall into our hands, you must treasure it.This mechanism may have a different structure, and therefore requires a different approach.Consider this question in more detail.

How to wind the watch with different mechanisms

Any hours necessary to get quietly and slowly, so as not to damage the wheel and the crown of the plant - it is extremely vulnerable parts.For some types of clock frequency is important and the exact observance of the gap between the winding.Below are tips to help figure out how to wind the watch with different mechanisms.

How to start a mechanical watch

It's not hard to learn how to start a mechanical watch, with both female and male.The main thing you need to do it regularly, every day, in the same hours.Many people believe that the plant is required only in the mornings, but it is not so.And it does not matter when the wind mechanism, it is important to do this at about the same time.

How to start automatic watch

not be easy to start automatic watch, because they are not a mechanism for exacting.So watch perfect for everyday wear.Do the same plant as in mechanical watches (regularly at the same time) in hours with automatic winding is required.The plant can be every other day, as they can "walk" up to 48 hours.

Universal tips of the plant clock

  • plant clock, both mechanical and those that have the automobile mechanism can only be spinning the arrow forward, moving clockwork wheel until it stops.As for the installation of the arrows, then turn the wheel at the same time can be both against, and clockwise in the direction which is less than the speed;If necessary
  • set time, the need to make a circular motion discontinuous (several turns), rather than one continuous rotation.Watchmakers say it will help protect the minute gear from breakage;
  • If the watch is equipped with a calendar, it is necessary to wind as smooth and slow movements.The mechanism of the device is very "gentle" and is not designed for very high load;
  • plant clock in two ways, and both of them are correct.The first of them - to rotate the wheel clockwork only forward, and the second - back and forth, that is - back and forth.We should give preference to the first option, because in this case do not wear clockwork gears and cam muff.The use of a second embodiment of the plant also does not hurt the clock, since the rotation of the wheel back and forth, going due lubrication of all parts of the mechanism;
  • unacceptable to use excessive force when removing the wheel factory.If the resistance is felt, the head should be rotated very smoothly, while gently pulling it.This move will facilitate adjustment of the cam coupling mechanism and other details of the translation of the arrows;
  • To return the crown wheel in place, it should rotate, and without much effort, to drown her closer to the base of the clock;
  • If torsion winding wheel comes with effort, then before you start the watch, you can give them to the repairman hours so that he oiled machine.This will protect the product from damage.