How to protect your home ?

How to protect your home ?

«My house - my castle" - says wisdom, but in the modern world this is not always the case.Thieves - a real attack for wealthy citizens, and for most ordinary people.In summer, they rob apartments, abandoned resting sea masters, and in the winter - garden, where vacationers keep your equipment and clothing.In this article, we'll find out how to protect your home from thieves and keep their property and nerves intact.

Windows and doors

Most often the thieves enter the home, breaking doors or windows embossing.Consider that you can take to make the entrance to the house these paths less affordable.

  • Replace window grilles or special fittings that prevent cracking.It is not very expensive, but has a great advantage.
  • Paste on glass film that will not allow them to clear.This cost is not so cheap, but it will stand the glass with a stone or a metal object.In addition, it will reduce the loss of heat through the glass.
  • Install a metal door that opens outward.It should be made of thick metal of high quality, but in this case you will be provided normal safety.But do not overdo it: the door that literally "screams" of its high cost, only draw unnecessary attention to your home.
  • shutters - excellent protection of private homes as open and close them only with the remote, but outside they are additionally protected against tampering.
  • the door set mortise lock of foreign manufacture.When choosing guided by the lock that lock, locking into a larger number of turns and having a greater cross-bars (the pins coming out of the castle and outside the door jamb) reliable.But keep in mind that you can open any lock, if desired.And yet, no matter how many locks installed in your door, so it's better to spend one expensive and reliable.
  • the Additional latch or chain inside the door.
  • also for the protection of a private house is perfect for a reliable fence and gates are opened using the remote.At the top of the fence can be sent live wire.


consider several options for home protection by means of signaling.

  • You can set an alarm that the penetration of the house makes a very loud noise that can wake you up at night infiltration, as well as scare and may cause thieves to escape.And if breaking will take place in the afternoon, the neighbors to hear your alarm will call the police.This alarm system is relatively inexpensive, but it can do a good service.
  • considering various options on how to protect the house from thieves, let's not overlook GSM-alarm signaling, which in the case of burglary of your home, you send an SMS-message, and you, in turn, will be able to call the police.This option is also not very expensive.
  • The most sure way to protect your home against theft is to install security equipment and staging the house to the control of the enterprise.In this case, you pay a monthly fee, but in the case of theft CHOP reimburse you losses.With the penetration of the house on duty guard post receives the signal and sends a security group that will delay the thieves.

Useful tips

  • If you are away for a long time to arrange with someone from friends or relatives, so that they periodically come to your house to pick up newspapers from a mailbox and to verify the integrity of doors and windows.
  • staying at home valuables Vacation hide a few unexpected places, so more likely to save at least something, as thieves can not find all of your caches.

And a few banal rules of vigilance, which is sometimes overlooked:

  • Always lock the doors and close the vents, leaving the house.
  • Do not open the door to unexpected strangers, whoever they introduced themselves.
  • leaving, do not put the house key in a safe place.
  • In case of loss of keys, change the lock immediately.
  • If you place an ad in the newspaper, do not give information about the local time when you are at home.
  • extremely carefully inform the address of your home to strangers.

So we looked at how to put the protection on the house, and what steps will help you to better protect your home against unlawful intrusion.Since the house a person should always feel safe.A security, in turn, is a guarantee of health of the entire family and friends.We wish you to make your home really become your strength and you could protect from inclement weather.