How to be single ?

How to be single ?

How to become only for men?How to ensure that your favorite did not pay attention to other women?These questions troubled many of the fair sex.Let's talk about how to be single.


First of all, keep in mind that any man wants to be independent.Do not forbid him to meet with friends.The man - also a human being, he wants to relax.Allow your significant other to do things on their own.Let him be your hobby.But do not forget to spend the weekend together.Find something that will appeal to both.For example, cross-country skiing, sightseeing, just a meeting with mutual friends.Joint pastime really brings.But this does not mean that we should do everything together.


not pester the man of her jealousy.Do not constantly call him, write SMS.Do not suspect every woman familiar that it meets with your partner.Your man may well communicate with women, there is nothing special here.And anyway jealousy indicates that you have low self-esteem.And what man would love a woman with complexes?Remember that your favorite has chosen you, and therefore loves you.Therefore, greater trust in its second half.


Argued that women always want to talk, and men do not want any talking or listening.But it is not always the case.In this case, the woman should listen to the man.Let tell you about their fears, dreams and desires.Learn to listen.Typically, a woman begins to talk about his business, and in fact a man, too, have something to say.So ask him, how was your day, as if he wanted to spend the weekend.And just listen to it, even if you are not too interested in the conversation.


Do not forget about their appearance, even if the partner says he loves you in any way.You still have to take care of yourself.Any man nice if next-groomed, beautiful woman.So give yourself time each day: visit the barber shop, beauty salon, gym.Houses do facials.Do not forget about good clothes.Even at home, you should look neat.Buy beautiful home clothes - stylish shorts and a T-shirt, pet cute dress.Believe me, the man will appreciate it, and look at you with different eyes.


Any woman knows that a man likes to eat.Therefore, it is necessary to prepare delicious.Even if you do not like to cook, learn more tasty and light meals.And on weekends, after all, treat your significant other favorite dishes.If you love spending time in the kitchen, learn the cuisine of different nations and experiment at least every day.

Do not cut a man all the time, if he does not perform household chores.Just notify him in advance that he would have to do.And then put before the fact - now it takes out the garbage, for example.And let's not too many responsibilities at once.A duty - at a time.

Be interesting

you should be interested in her man.Do not be intrusive.Have an opinion, but be diplomatic.Get your hobby.Meet with friends and friends.In general, you should be, and their own lives, do not live the life of her husband.

And, most importantly, sincerely love your mate, and then you will not have to search for the answer to the question of how to be the only one for him.