How to be desired ?

How to be desired ?

Each of us wants to be someone fit.So good to know that you live not only for themselves but also for the sake of those who need your presence beside your participation.But what if you feel that no one needs and not interesting, perhaps even you consider yourself a completely useless?It's time to fight the negative thoughts and learn how to be the right person, and begin to achieve this.

Most people want to be needed to those around them and those they would like to see next.This intimate and family, husbands and wives, co-workers.Let's talk about how a woman could become necessary for others.

How to be a man needs to be

need men, we must learn to be not just a mistress, and the mistress of the house, but also a friend, a wise counselor to him, a loved one, you can rely on.Try to keep your man, to share his interests and views, consult, if necessary.After all, you can change a mistress, a man in the house, after all, can cope on their own, but this can not exclude the other from his life, so the woman is so important to master this role.

To always be correct man, that he did not lose his interest to you and wanted to be close, learn to be different.Men escape from the monotony and boredom, and this occurs in a relationship when a woman becomes a predictable, and therefore uninteresting.Experiment with the exterior, show the different facets of the character, add unpredictability in the behavior, and then the man does not lose his interest to you.

Give the man in the relationship, what he expects from his woman.Homebody appreciate the warmth and delicious food, not against inquisitive with your favorite all the time to find out and learn something new, the athlete will call his girlfriend with him to training.Think about what interests and live your man and make him company.

How to become necessary to close

Our friends and family - the people who occupy an important place in our lives, and any problems and quarrels with them make us feel unhappy.For example, it begins to seem that you do not want your loved ones.How to fix it?

to take care of their loved ones.Friends are learned in trouble, so do not turn away from his friends in difficult times, help in word and deed, and be sure to become necessary for them.The same applies to relatives.

Strive to communicate with loved ones, tell them nice things, smile mother, often call, and it is better to come to his parents.

Do you know nice things, and just like that, for no reason.This may be unexpected gifts, small everyday surprises, organizing holidays for friends and relatives (mother anniversary, birthday friend, family New Year, etc.).Be good and participate in relation to a close, it does not remain without attention.

How to be required to work

separate question in this conversation - how to be desired for their colleagues, how to achieve recognition and respect on the job.Often, many good people go unnoticed, their views are not heard, they do not ask advice.As a result, the person feels unnecessary, he comes to work in a dull mood and quietly think about changing jobs.But the problem here - in man, and the new location it decides if the person does not try to change.So, what to do in order to be fit to work, gain recognition and respect from the professional point of view?

  1. most important thing - it faithfully, diligently and work hard.Careful attention to the work, responsibility, hard work will inevitably make you a professional in the business.Love your work, ignite the desire to become a highly qualified specialist and start working.
  2. also important not to climb to where do not ask.If before you set a clear task to perform business in a certain way, it is most important to do your job well and on time.No one will not be interested in your ideas and corrections authorities just need you to work the way it is written.
  3. On the contrary, in difficult cases, and discussed at work, you can put forward their ideas and suggestions for improvement, if they are really able to benefit.Do not be afraid to express them clearly and concisely express their thoughts, it will be reckoned.
  4. Improve their professional qualities and skills, using textbooks, learning new knowledge in their specialties, and so on.
  5. observe etiquette and discipline at work - so you will create the impression of, as a business man.Do not be late for work, do not complain about wages and bosses, do not gossip about colleagues, be welcoming and friendly but reticent in communicating, help co-workers when they need your help.

universal advice for all cases - the right to be anyone, you need to know what a particular person wants to hear from you, and to become such.But it is also important in his quest to become the right not to become a "girl on an errand," because people will start to use your kindness and dependability.You will be required, but not in the sense of what you want.Remember: throughout need to know when to stop, do not go overboard in their desire to be desired!