How to return the girl?

How to return the girl?

said that separation - this "little death."But sometimes a miracle happens, and your relationship can be resurrected.Try it and you bring back to life their relationship.Remember the cardinal rule: "The water wears away the stone."Girl after the break you will long to give up, maybe even in rough shape, but if you really love her, do not accept insults to heart and will continue to gain it back.So, if you are in any way disappoint girl hurt somehow, did not pay enough attention, and she left you, the situation can still be saved, and we'll help you learn how to return the beloved.However, if you just threw, I found a more successful or rich guy, think twice if you need such a "favorite"?Trying to bring back a girl, you risk becoming a slave to it, which it will operate in their own interests, without giving anything in return.Do not fall for the bait.Tips described below only for those occasions when you have offended decent girl.

In fact, not in the interests of women to be without the guy.They can long endure and maintain relationships, but would not be alone, and not to lose the guy.Parting - either call for you to pay attention to the fact that this can not continue, or a signal that you have offended her greatly.If you threw the girl, and how to get it, you do not know, then we will open the following secrets, but be prepared, you have to spend a lot of time and effort.

main rule - be always there.If you only occasionally appear in her life with a proposal to return, then nothing will happen.So she began again to trust you, you have to be always available for her to support her and help.Especially it will be effective, when it will feel particularly lonely and your sms-ka or postcard with warm words will warm her heart and give confidence.To podgadat time, you should always be there, not to disappear from her life.Ride or walk to the places where you can see it.Perhaps she needs help, and if you are near in time of need, it will evaluate it as a sign of fate and reconsider its decision.So, be always near.

However, this is not enough to understand how to bring his girlfriend.Advice that you need to follow simple.You should try to persuade the girl to return.Maybe not the first and not the fifth attempt, but she would agree if you have not done anything terrible, because of what it is on your left.Remember that feelings do not pass quickly, she does not become completely a stranger.While not all the feelings have cooled down, beg her to come back, but do not lose manhood and not be a slave to love, if the girl is dishonorable.

If there are no results, and time is running out, and you still do not know how to get ex-girlfriend, then ask her to go to a family psychologist.This proposal could greatly surprised her, but most importantly, getting the offer, she will understand your serious intentions.After all, every girl wants to marry.Maybe she left you because you delayed the marriage proposal, or at least to offer live together.After separation, offering her the ring is meaningless, but to invite the family psychologist - a good alternative.

How to return the girl?You can even try to play the scene.You need to create such a situation, no matter where you look noble, and other ladies just groaned and gasped about how you are a good man.Seeing as you admire other women in your ex-girlfriend wakes up jealousy, and she will doubt his decision to leave you.But we must do everything so that she did not notice affectedness.Everything has to look natural.Typically, life itself throws up situations, but if you have not yet tossed, you should save time and create your own.In addition, you need to be creative!Gone Girl is back, do not know, turn on the imagination, think of a romantic comedy, which sometimes absurd actions make men there.Do not be afraid to look ridiculous, afraid that you might lose your love.Perhaps in the eyes of the other guys you look strange, but she will appreciate your creative impulses.Surprise her!

In this article we answer your question on how to return the girl.Not all tips are universal to every problem.Girls go for different reasons, depending on them, and you need to decide how to get her back.Ideally, of course, and not to bring the situation to a critical, when the girl, nothing more remains but to get away from you.But if this still was necessary to dig in its heels to a miracle, and it will come back.